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Flamengo vs Al Hilal: Club World Cup semi-final summary, result and goal

The Arab team gives a big surprise and will play the Mundialito final for the first time

Final Score: Flamengo 2-3 Al Hilal

Chronicle of the match here

Min. 90+8 | Flamengo 2-3 Al Hilal | the game is over! Al Hilal is the first finalist of the Club World Cup. The Arab team gives Bell and takes revenge against Cariocas, now they have to wait for the winner of Madrid or Al-Ahli.

Min. 90+7 | Flamengo 2-3 Al Hilal | Corner for Flamengo that goes with everything to see off the tie.

Min. 90+5 | Flamengo 2-3 Al Hilal | A counter-attack came from Al Hilal but they could not close the play and it was still wide open.

Min. 90+4 | Flamengo 2-3 Al Hilal | Closer to the flamengo of the tie! Gabigol finishes badly with his head and Almuyouf has no problem with the ball.

Min. 90+1 | Flamengo 2-3 Al Hilal | Pedro takes advantage of a rebound inside the area after a shot by Gabigol and fires the ball past Almuyouf’s goal for another interesting finish.

Min. 90 | Flamengo 2-3 Al Hilal | GOOOOOOOOOOOL for Flamengo! Pedro Double.

Min. 90 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | 6 more minutes are added.

Min. 89 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | David Luiz is hit hard on the head and the assistants are already coming in.

Min. 88 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | Al Hilal makes one final change: Vito leaves and is replaced by Mohammed Jahfli.

Min. 86 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | Flamengo is killed. After four years the Arab team is coming for revenge.

Min. 84 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | Lucas Vito delights with a mid-range shot. Right hand goes to stand.

Min. 81 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | There will be changes in the Brazilian team. The one who leaves is Thiago Maia, to the Arturo Vidal area.

Min. 75 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | The Arab team is already participating in the Grand Finale and for now they are keeping it short to avoid any surprises from the Cariocas.

Min. 71 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | Yellow card to Thiago Maia.

Min. 71 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | Great play by Al Hilal. Marega starts the counter, opening with Michel who finds space to lay the ball down to Vito and he catches it well to send a cannonball and beat Santos.

Min. 70 | Flamengo 1-3 Al Hilal | GOOOOOOOOOOOL Al Hilal! Vito signed the third party of the Arab team which is closer and closer to the final!

Min. 68 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | The Arab team is taking advantage of their numerical superiority and is pressing for a third goal to give them peace of mind.

Min. 67 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Exchange del Flamengo; Everton Cebolinha enters for Everton Ribeiro.

Min. 65 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Khalifa al-Dawsari is injured and replaced by Nasir al-Dawsari.

Min. 64 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Caliph al-Dawsari is injured and may ask for his replacement.

Min. 63 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Arrival of Flamengo. Gabigol finishes with a header but without much direction and goes wide.

Min. 61 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Yellow card to Khalifa Al-Dawsari for slapping Everton Ribeiro.

Min. 58 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Al Hilal misses the third! Marega makes a great play and Khalifa alone, with goalkeeper Santos beating him, sends it over the crossbar.

Min. 55 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Another yellow for Cariocas. Thumb is broken.

Min. 51 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Flamengo once again ‘locks’ the locals into their territory, but fails to pose much of a threat.

Min. 48 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Marega delights with a long shot that bounces off a Flamengo player and triggers a corner.

Min. 47 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Ayrton Lucar comes in from the left wing and sends a cross which is headed for goal but Almuyouf comes out well to keep the ball and avoid the surprise.

Min. 45 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | The second half starts with changes, Fabricio Bruno and Erik Pulgar enter to replace Leo Pereira and Giorgione de Arrascheta.

Min. 45 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | Let the second part begin!

Min. 45+10 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | The first part is over! An intense finish in Tangier, the result favoring the Arab team, going into the final with a leg and a half comfortable. There’s a long way to go, but Gerson’s ouster will force the Rio team to rethink their plans.

Min. 45+9 | Flamengo 1-2 Al Hilal | GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Al Hilal! Double for Al Dawsari!

Min. 45+8 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Gerson is sent off for a double yellow.

Min. 45+7 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Penalty in favor of Al Hilal! Whistler determines a stomp on Gerson’s foul, Vito, for which he also receives a second yellow card and is sent off. Flamengo have 10 men left!

Min. 45+6 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Whistler goes to VAR to review the play. David Luiz and Gerson came to stop Vito.

Min. 45+5 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Brawl in Tangier! The Arab team asks for a penalty on Veto.

Min. 45+5 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Al Hilal presses on in this final stretch.

Min. 45+3 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | David Luiz’s header goes wide.

Min. 45 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Six more minutes have been added to the first half.

Min. 44 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | The first half is coming to an end and everything points towards the fact that we will not see any more goals during this period.

Min. 42 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Another yellow… now for Al Hilal, specifically for Vito for a foul on Gerson.

Min. 41 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Third yellow for Flamengo. David Luiz has been warned for a foul on Vito.

Min. 40 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Al Hilal claims a handball inside the area following a corner, but Whistler scores nothing and play continues.

Min. 37 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Flamengo strikes again with a combination for the tying goal: Mathewsinho crosses and Pedro tries to power the ball down at the far post but the ball goes wide.

Min. 35 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | The match restarts and after a few moments Ayrton Lucas comes in limping.

Min. 33 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Ayrton leaves the field on a stretcher.

Min. 32 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Medical assistants enter to attend to Ayrton Lucas who took the worst of the accident.

Min. 31 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | A tough fight between Saud and Ayrton Lucas, with the latter lying on the grass.

Min. 28 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | The game has gone down in intensity but it is still Flamengo who keep the ball rolling.

Min. 25 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Almuyouf comes right out to grab the ball from a corner kick taken by Flamengo.

Min. 23 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | FIFA President Gianni Infantino at the Tangier Stadium for the first semi-final of the Club World Cup.

Min. 21 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | Matuzinho vindicated himself with an assist from Pedro, who scored the first goal and equalized on the field with a cross shot.

Min. 20 | Flamengo 1-1 Al Hilal | GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for Flamengo! Pedro puts on the tie for the Brazilian team.

Min. 18 | Flamengo 0-1 Al Hilal | The team of Rio de Janeiro retains possession of the ball.

Min. 16 | Flamengo 0-1 Al Hilal | Second yellow card of the match for Flamengo! Gabigol is reprimanded for resisting.

Min. 14 | Flamengo 0-1 Al Hilal | First yellow of the game for Gerson for a foul in Arab territory.

Min. 12 | Flamengo 0-1 Al Hilal | The Arab team is very attentive to Flamengo’s attempts to reach out.

Min. 10 | Flamengo 0-1 Al Hilal | Salem Al-Dawsari celebrates with Moussa Marega the score the Arab team is up.

Min. 8 | Flamengo 0-1 Al Hilal | Free kick in favor of Flamengo and Pedro sends the ball over the side with a header. First notice of Cariocas.

Min. 5 | Flamengo 0-1 Al Hilal | Kariakos suffered a severe blow at this start of the game. The Brazilian team is now looking for a place to reverse the result.

Min. 4 | Flamengo 0-1 Al Hilal | GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Al Hilal! Al Dawsari opens the scoring from eleven feet.

Min. 2 | Flamengo 0-0 Al Hilal | We barely settled and we already have a penalty in favor of Al Hilal.

Vito reached the area when he was brought down by Matuzinho and goalkeeper Santos himself.

Min. 0 | Flamengo 0-0 Al Hilal | start the game!

13:00 hours | Before the start of the match, a minute’s silence is observed for the victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

12:50 hours | everything is ready. The teams are already on the pitch and the first semi-final of the Mundialito will start soon.

12:40 hours | If the support for Flamengo is immense, the support for Al Hilal is even greater. A slight Arab majority is expected in this afternoon’s duel.

12:35 hours | Flamengo will find a lot of support in Morocco. Hundreds of Rio de Janeiro fans have gathered in the African region to support their team in this new attempt to win the title.

12:30 hours | The club thus reached the Tangier Stadium to play the semi-finals. It must be remembered that in this instance in 2019 both the teams faced each other with the victory in favor of the Brazilians. Will they be able to repeat the dose or will the Arab team take revenge?

Fixed line-up for Flamengo

Saints; Mathewsinho, David Luiz, Leo Pereira, Ayrton Lucas; Thiago Maia, Gerson, Everton Ribeiro, D’Arrasqueta; Gabby and Pedro.

Al Hilal lineup confirmed

Almuauf; Saud, Jang, Al Bulahi, Khalifa; Cuellar, Carrillo, Salem; Vietto, Marega and Ighalo.

How and where to watch Club World Cup matches live on TV and online?

The Club World Cup can be watched live on Vix, while you can follow minute by minute on Marca Claro.

good afternoon and welcome to the minute by minute first semi-finals of Club World Cup in Morocco. on this tuesday Tangier Stadium The CONMEBOL champion returns to action at Flamengo, who will seek their place in the Grand Final against Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia champion of Asian Champions League. The winner of this series will compete for the title against the winner of the other semi-final. Real Madrid (UEFA) and Al Ahly from Egypt.

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