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Flexitarianism, Protein Powders, Micromovements, and This Year’s Other Health Trends

words Flexitarianism, Micromovements, and Protein Powder You must be listening to him a lot this year. These are some of the health trends that will be present this 2023, as predicted by experts consulted by US magazine ACSM Health and Fitness Journal, Who has already distributed a survey made to experts to define the most popular currents in health today.

Dynamics put in place years ago may end and others may continue, so here we bring you a selection of those who will “be trendy” this year. They will focus on eliminating a sedentary lifestyle, focusing more on muscle strength and nutritional streams Protein powder consumption and the “flexitarian” diet.

Whereas, there are some marked trends in 2022 Fasting ,Nutrition practice recommended and studied by nutritionists or doctors– and that with physical exercise support of technical devices such as smart watches, Videos and routines hosted on the internet and even mobile platforms such as FitOn, adidas Training and Now Fitness communities, which have grown exponentially since the pandemic.

To delve deeper into these trends, experts were consulted who gave their take on the trends that will resonate the most in 2023.


new trend of micro film, also known as “nanotraining” (Movement snacks) are short, fragmented periods of exercise that can be done throughout the day without interfering with day-to-day activities. With this attitude, the laziness of going to the gym—almost out of compulsion—is banished and greater flexibility and physical conditioning can be developed.

they are based on a physical activity routine of high intensity for long intervals and rest, For example, between 1 to 4 hours and can be done by climbing stairs, squats, jogging for a few seconds or minutes.

athlete Maria Clara Ceballos, reference to crossfit In Colombia, he says that these nano-trainings are a good option for people who are just starting to exercise and thus “introduce physical activity into their daily lives little by little,” he says.

Conversely, it will not benefit someone who trains and has a more advanced level, because “it requires continuing their training.” The idea is that in both cases, the person progresses and increases the speed and intensity as they feel capable and it does not interfere with their life.

“Flexitarian” Diet

A few years ago the most mentioned streams in nutrition were Vegetarianism and Veganism. However, in this latest global survey, experts predict “Flexitarian” Diet As one of the most popular of the year.

nutritionist Andres Zapata confirms that this is clearly a trend and explains that the diet includes Keep the base of a vegetarian or vegan diet 80% time or food. “These people are often more likely to be flexible on weekends, when they include animal protein in their dishes for family meals or get-togethers with friends. However, this is not constant in their daily lives”, he says. telling.

Their diet is usually rich in legumes, chickpeas, lentils, grains, rice, and quinoa, and occasionally they eat meat, chicken, or fish.

body mass index?

According to experts in the scientific journal, body mass index (BMI) will lose popularity as an absolute measure of a person’s health, as it has been scientifically proven that it It only defines a part of the anatomy.

“This index is an indicator to express the relationship of weight to appropriate height,” Zapata details.

According to BMI, a person has low body mass if it is less than 18.5; He is healthy with an index of 18.5 to 24.9, he is overweight between 25 and 29.9 and obese at 30 and over.

However, this does not mean that if a person has a BMI of 30 they are obese, as they may have more muscle than fat. You have to look beyond BMI.

This is why diagnosis will focus on the assessment of body composition: How much fat and how much muscle is in the person being tested.

The doctors agree on that. Pedro Sanchez Marquez, Internist Endocrinologist and Master’s Degree in Anti-aging and Longevity: “BMI is rapidly increasing disuse Because the body is a system of many cells. Water is part of it, muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass and others. With BMI we are only left with the value of weight and its relation with height and will not have a real and complete view of the body.

The trend is therefore that more and more people talk about an ideal build, not an ideal weight.

muscles will be the hero

more attention this year muscle mass and muscle strength People after research showed that they are indicators of longevity, that is, people live longer. in the magazine british journal of sports medicine concluded that muscle-strengthening exercises reduce the risk of mortality by between 10% and 17%.

Dr. Sánchez Márquez agrees with this trend and states that now There is evidence regarding muscle as an endocrinological organ: “Beyond being an accessory organ, which was previously thought, it also produces substances that have effects on other organs and that help with other bodily functions.”

To strengthen the muscles, he recommends a good diet and strengthening exercises With exercises with your own weight, elastic bands or dumbbells.

It also provides data that body composition varies and after age 48 in women and age 52 in men, there is a 1 to 2% loss of muscle mass. “So if you don’t take care of your muscles in time, if they get damaged and we get to that age, it’s a bad combination.”

Increase your protein powder intake

There is a universe of protein powders of animal and vegetable origin in the world. They are usually made from cow’s milk or from proteins such as pea, soy and rice. It is known in the world of sports for promoting muscle hypertrophy And in those who have specific dietary needs.

From this year it will be transferred to people’s daily life Its consumption promises to improve the functioning of the organism.

Faced with this, nutritionist Andres Zapata details that people need to consume a certain amount of protein during the day. Some do it with foods like beef, chicken, tuna, fish or eggs. this is easy. However, there are some whose pace of life is very fast. and like to consume protein shake And meet these needs, because at work they cannot cook and consume these foods.

“Many people are consuming protein, whether it is for pre-workout, post-workout or if they are looking to build muscle. They do this because they are low in protein and cannot meet their daily protein requirement. So they use it in their daily life”, he says.

goodbye to sedentary lifestyle

“Sitting is the new smoking habit”: It’s the basis of an American campaign that seeks to eradicate a sedentary lifestyle. The trend this year is for fewer people to sit in their offices without physical activity, and this is related to the “micromovement” trend.

For Doctor Pedro Sanchez, a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to humans as muscle mass deteriorates and is the cause of cardiovascular diseases such as Obesity, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and diabetes.

physical activity too linked to good mental health since exercise produces serotonin, endorphins and dopamine, Hormones that produce pleasant and calming sensations.

Athletes say, “A sedentary lifestyle makes life boring while physical activity makes life happier and people more productive.”

For this year, health will remain a priority despite the hectic work rhythms people have. Take care of your health and don’t forget to consult an expert if you want to start the year with one of these tips.

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