Flooding in the fall: “worried” situation in Mauricie

On Route 153 in Yamachiche, motorists are asked to turn back.

The flooding of roads, flooding of some residences, road closures, the situation is “concerned”, but under surveillance, confirmed the regional director general of Civil Security, Sylvain Gallant.

“Currently, we are in surveillance mode for many sectors. We also urge people to be careful, especially on the roads where there is water at night.

Emergency measures in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc

It is in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, where the situation seems to be the most critical at the moment. In the Lac-Jackson sector, some citizens are now isolated after part of the road collapsed.

“This is a sector that is being monitored, but citizens are well organized and telecommunications services are not affected at the moment. But work is definitely needed,” explained Mr. Gallant.

The local mayor, Claude Mayrand, also walked the various streets of the municipality on Sunday morning. After observing the damage, for the latter, the situation is clear, emergency measures should be declared immediately.

“Not only in Lac-Jackson, there is water passing through the bridges here on Chemin Saint-François. The Sûreté du Québec is also here at the moment and we will declare emergency measures in the municipality because here, we are talking about flooding and there is we also have people to evacuate. We are in crisis management.”

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Many residences are isolated in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc

In Louiseville, water has risen, especially near the Route 138 bridge due to an ice jam that formed in the middle of the river during the night, although the situation remains under control. “We will soon clear the ice jam that caused the water to rise in our area, but for now, we have not noticed any material damage. It’s only water rising,” the mayor of the area, Yvon Deshaies, confirmed to Nouvelliste on Sunday morning.

In the neighboring town of Yamachiche, while the small Yamachiche river was moving at night, it was the big Yamachiche river that burst its banks on Sunday morning. However, no residence was isolated at this time. “It is a recurring situation in this sector that sees the tide rise,” confirmed the regional director general of Civil Security.

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On Route 153 In Yamachiche, Motorists Are Asked To Turn Back.

On the Saint-Boniface side, two residences on a private road are now separated. Affected residents can, however, leave in a rowboat on the lake. Chemin du Lac-des-Îles is also affected by high water, but SUV traffic is still possible.

In addition, in Lac Héroux, in the MRC of Maskinongé, we are talking about ten residences affected, but traffic is still possible. In the sector of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, Domaine-Ouellet has been affected by rising water in recent hours, but the situation has finally been resolved quickly, confirmed Sylvain Gallant.

In Shawinigan, it seems that the Saint-Maurice River also moved, as reported by some Nouvelliste readers. In particular, the docks were reportedly swept away by strong currents.

The Docks Would Have Been Swept Away By The Strong Currents Of The Saint-Maurice River.

In the Haute-Mauricie part, in the Matawin sector, many roads are difficult to access. This was especially the case at kilometer 9.5 where a wooden bridge was destroyed near the Rivière des Bêtes Puantes. A large crevasse was also noticed in the area.

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The Matawin Sector Of Haute-Mauricie Was Not Spared.

Some sectors of Mauricie seem to be spared for now.

“At the moment, it’s still quite localized for some waterways, but for the river and the big rivers that we’re used to watching during flood times, they can still absorb it”

A lot of rain fell

According to information obtained by Environment Canada, it was in Saint-Maurice that the amount of rain that fell in the last few hours was the most with 165 millimeters.

However, the situation is also worrying in Maskinongé with 140 mm, in La Tuque with 97 mm, then in Shawinigan which recorded 83 mm. In Trois-Rivières, the situation is less severe, with 30 millimeters of rain falling in the last few hours.

The situation is also under control in Centre-du-Québec, confirms a specialist from Environment Canada.

In the next few hours, we also expect between 10 and 15 millimeters depending on the sector, confirmed Environment Canada. “I think that the situation will be resolved quickly during the day, but certainly a lot of work needs to be done for some of the more remote roads,” concluded Sylvain Gallant.


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