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Floods in Libya 2023: vehicles entered houses, destruction down to roofs… This is the danger that threatens the city of Darna, which was destroyed by the breach of dams

The name of the city you see in this picture is Darna. It is a Libyan city. Behind them are hills where the dams have broken. There was a flash flood. Houses, cars, people, animals, whatever got in their way… everything was washed away and fell straight into the Mediterranean. The green sea currently looks brown for several kilometers.

The wave of water caused by the dam burst was so strong that it lifted cars and carried them onto the roofs of houses. This can be seen in this picture. Currently, houses in the city of Darna are filled with water and mud. People are afraid that the body of a neighbor or acquaintance might be found in the mud. Who keep coming out.

Here in this picture you can see cleaning with a JCB machine on the banks of the city of Darna. But in the red circles you can see the cars that were washed away from the city and ended up in the sea. These are just a few of them. The whereabouts of hundreds of vehicles are unknown. Well, the bodies of many of these people are not found. They also drowned in the sea.

This woman’s name is Sabreen Farhat Belil. His brother’s house was here. Now all that’s left is rubble. She cries after seeing the house. Looking for their loved ones. He lost his brother, sister-in-law and five children. But he didn’t find the bodies of any of them. The population of Darna city is 1.25 lakh. Half of it is almost finished.

The biggest threat right now is the spread of disease. Medicines are being sprayed everywhere. Now people are afraid to stay in this city or to leave it and go somewhere else. Because it’s dangerous to go anywhere else. During the war, landmines were planted throughout Libya. Which were washed away during this huge flood and distributed here and there.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 11,300 deaths have been confirmed in Derna so far. However, the numbers are constantly changing. Therefore, until the final calculation, some correct data cannot be provided. Because people’s corpses are constantly being found. The investigation is ongoing.

More than 1,000 people were buried. More than 150 people died from the toxic elements brought by the water. According to the Libyan Health Minister, 3,283 people have died. The WHO puts the number of deaths at 3,922. This means that the correct numbers are not yet available. But such a catastrophe would have killed thousands of people.

Medical students from Benghazi spray medicine throughout the city of Derna to prevent illness. They themselves are afraid after seeing so much devastation. After we get tired at work, we take some rest. Then they go out to distribute medicine. The roadsides were cleared.

At least 891 buildings were destroyed in this flash flood. The mayor of the city of Derna says at least 20,000 people may have been killed. Government employee Mohammed Alnaji Bushartila said there were 48 people in his family. But today no one is available. I don’t understand what to do. Where should I go? Who should I look for? 

The rescue team from Malta has found the bodies of hundreds of people on the coast of the city of Derna. The leader of this team, Natalio Bezzina, said we saw the bodies of at least 400 people lying on one side. We deployed a team of 72 people. This includes children and women. These were found in a sea cave along the coast.

The city of Derna with a population of 1.25 lakh is now completely destroyed. Destroyed buildings, mud and cars loaded on top of each other can be seen everywhere. No one knows that if you step in the mud you will find a body underneath. It is feared that more than 40,000 people will die.

A Yugoslavian company built two dams in Derna in 1970. The first dam was 75 meters high. It contained 1.80 million cubic meters of water. The second dam was 45 meters high. 15 million cubic meters of water collected there. Each cubic meter of water weighs one ton. There were approximately 2 million tons of water in both dams. Below it was the city of Darna.

Satellite photos show that these dams were empty. They have not been cared for in the last 20 years. The problem wasn’t the empty dam. But it was under repair. Hurricane Daniel brought so much water that the old and weak dam could no longer handle it. The dam burst and destroyed the city of Derna below.

Both dams were made of concrete. He also had a glory hole. So that the water doesn’t overflow. But the wood got stuck inside. It was closed. Nobody paid attention to maintenance. Garbage kept accumulating. Because of this, the dam began to fill with water quickly due to the rains following the storm. Hurricane Daniel rained non-stop for a week.

The local administration of Derna was not willing to do this. When a storm came, the big dam was filled first. When it could no longer handle the amount of water, water began to flow from above. After a while he collapsed. At the same time, 1.80 million tons of water flowed downwards. The dam at the bottom didn’t have the power to hold that much water.

The small dam also broke. Then what caused the fire throughout the city? The lower part of each house was filled with water. Not only is it the responsibility to strengthen the dams, but their maintenance is also important. The task in which the Libyan government and local administration have failed. A report on this was also published last year.

That report said the Derna Valley basin needed immediate attention. Otherwise there will be a major catastrophe here any day. Both dams were in need of maintenance. If these break, the city in the valley will be destroyed. Everyone knew that large dams could be dangerous. It happened here.

Dams have been in operation for thousands of years. The dams built by the Roman Empire are still in operation today. Attention must be paid to their design and strength. And also their maintenance. To clean the garbage accumulated in dams. So that they can work properly. Because if they are not cleaned, they are nothing less than a nuclear bomb.

Libyan hydrologist Abdul Wanis Ashur said everyone knows the condition of these dams. But no one paid any attention. Neither the administration nor the government. The people also knew that they were threatened with death. Had the Public Water Commission heeded the report released last year and cleaned the dam, this scene would not have been seen.

The Libyan government knew what was happening in the Derna River valley. What kind of problem will occur? But it didn’t make any difference. Almost half of this city’s population has now been destroyed. Abdulkader Mohammad Alfakari, 22, said when the flood came he ran to the roof of the fourth floor. Rescued.

Abdulkader saw people and buildings in his neighborhood being washed into the sea. People asked for help by lighting mobile flashlights. Nobody could understand anything. The vehicles parked on the streets had entered the houses. Only corpses flowed. People’s bodies were carried to different houses along with water and mud. It was a terrible sight.

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