Florian Wirtz’s path to Bayern Munich

Florian Wirtz's path to Bayern Munich

The sensation of the year in European football is Bayer Leverkusen. Xabi Alonso He was able, in his second year in the elite, for a team without stars or big names to show himself as a block that is as reliable as it is unique. After 13 rounds, they remained undefeated and had only two draws. His average score is almost 3 goals per game. The three players who impressed the most were the full-backs Grimaldothe scorer Boniface and Florian Wirtz, the 20-year-old midfielder that half the continent is already dreaming of. On the same day that MD reports that the Leverkusen young player likes Barça and that his father has guaranteed one more year at the club in his life, there is also talk of a sudden interest in Guardiola y Klopp by the player.

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However, as happened many times in Germany, a player who stood out for Borussia, Leipzig, or Leverkusen ended up in the nets of the mighty Bayern Munich. This is not the only case of Lewandowski, Idol, or Hummels, who went from idols in Dortmund to playing their worst rival. From the current squad of the Munich team, Neuer or Goretzka They were the young stars of Schalke 04 when they were transferred to Bayern. They still fish Gnabry or Süle in Hoffenheim, Upamecano in Leipzig, for 42 million. Bayern’s checkbook seems endless. On the one hand, they signed big stars who stood out in the Bundesliga, and, on the other hand, they weakened their opponents. They did that at Leverkusen. They signed it, Pike and Roberto, when they were at their best. Bayern’s 11 consecutive Bundesliga titles can also be explained in this way.

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