Floyd Mayweather paid over a million dollars for Super Bowl

Floyd Mayweather paid over a million dollars for Super Bowl

World boxing champion Floyd Mayweather announced that he spent more than a million dollars to have a luxury suite near him to watch the first Super Bowl LVIII to be held in Las Vegas, which he himself celebrates.

Through his social networks, the former boxer revealed the exorbitant amounts of money he paid, in which he assured that he prefers to pay rather than be invited, because in this way he can ask for everything he wants. He wants.

Floyd Mayweather will pay huge amount to go to Super Bowl

Via Instagram, it was he himself who revealed the exact reason why he prefers to pay over a million dollars to go to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, rather than being invited and having to bear these expenses. Should not be done.

“I’m not a sycophant and I never have to beg for anything, especially not to get a Super Bowl suite. Sometimes I don’t mind accepting invitations, but one thing’s for sure… whatever He pays, he has a say in what gets done. So! So I get my own seats and suites so I can do whatever I want and invite whoever I want!”

Furthermore, he assured that he will not live this experience alone, as he finished by adding that he is “lucky to be one of the 34 people to experience the first Super Bowl in Las Vegas!”

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As revealed by invoices via their social networks, the price of access was 850 thousand dollars. However, they spent $281,000 more on transportation tickets. In total, he spent no less than one lakh 131 thousand dollars.

On the other hand, the former boxer revealed that he pays a lot of money in taxes, which shows why spending a million to be able to go to the Super Bowl is a small expense.

“Just before I got paid the million dollars for that little Super Bowl thing, I had to pay the IRS, also known as Uncle Sam, 18 (million) 047 (thousand) 181 (dollars).” “While I owe so much in taxes since I’m retired, imagine what I was paying when I was active.”


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