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For Pakistanis … Raped girls remain silent: Elder jailed due to MP’s Naz

There is an MP in England, the name is Naz Shah. She is of Pakistani origin. He had written a racist letter by a retired nurse. On the basis of this letter, Ian Brown (nurse), now 60 years old, has been sentenced by the court there.

Ian Brown sent a letter to MP Naz Shah on 11 April 2020. It mainly wrote about forced marriage, honor killing, grooming gangs, and female genital mutilation. At the same time, while taunting the MP Naz Shah, it was also written that Victims of Grooming Gang happy on your appointment. Will be

Pakistani-origin MP, Naz Shah, complained to the police about the content of this letter as racial. Court hearing. During this time, however, nurse Ian Brown refused to accept the letter as racial. He admitted as much that a letter was written to the MP due to the anger of the hundreds of thousands of children, who were sexually abused, murdered, kidnapped, etc. by the Grooming Gang (of Pakistani origin).

The Westminster Magistrate Court rejected the sentencing of the nurse Ian Brown and considered the letter to be racial and sentenced. Brown was sentenced to 6 weeks in prison, 24 months suspension and orders not to contact MP Naz Shah for the next 6 months.

Naz Shah, Grooming Gang and 2017

It is August of 2017. There was a parody account named Owen Jones on Twitter. He wrote – for the betterment of diversity (people of different races, countries living together)… in Rotterham and elsewhere Girls who have been sexually abused need to keep their mouths shut is. Naz Shah was still an MP. Not only did he like this tweet but also retweet it. Naz Shah had to delete the tweet after the ruckus.

Thoughts of women MP

There was a story behind all this. Story of Pakistani connection. The Grooming Gang (a gang that traps, rapes, molests or murders 13–16-year-old girls) is an “unknown but creepy” group of Pakistanis in England. Naz Shah is also of Pakistani origin. Sarah MP Champion, an MP, spoke about the Rotterham sex scandal. It was said to bring justice to the victims and to punish the accused.

Pakistani-origin MP Naz Shah felt this bad. So bad that despite being a woman herself, she had written a long article for the accused, instead of thinking of the victims of sexual abuse. According to Naz Shah, discussing the Grooming Gang is to discredit the entire Pakistani community.

Grooming Gang: Terror of rape, not death

It is spread throughout England. There are very few cities where this gang is not active. In the last 40 years, Muslim fundamentalists have raped at least 5 lakh non-Muslim (Kafir) girls in England. Rape victim Dr. Ella Hill revealed this in an interview.

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Hill said, “It has a lot to do with race and religion. The fair skin of the girls is always on the mind of the Muslim criminal associated with the grooming gang. The torture of Dr. Ella Hill himself was inspired by the views of good Muslims and non-Muslims. Her Muslim criminal (Pakistani Muslim boyfriend) believed that she was justified in rape, as she was not completely covered from head to toe.

Sexual abuse of 19000 children in only in 2018-19

In 2019, sexual grooming was carried out in England with around 19,000 minors. The local administration in England identified a total of 18,700 victims in 2018–19, up from 3300 five years earlier. The latest figures showed a sharp increase in the number of child grooming victims over the past 5 years.

For Pakistanis ... Raped girls remain silent: Elder jailed due to MP's Naz

Despite all these statistics, the judicial system of England is still not able to show strictness (for unknown reasons). Understand this from this news. Qari Abdul Rauf, the leader of the Rochedale Child Grooming gang in England, is now wandering the streets recklessly. Now he is free after punishment That too when according to his sentence he was to be deported after 6 years… but not done yet.

Understand why judicial strictures should be done with Pakistani Muslim boyfriends like Abdul or Dr. Ella Hill. Abdul forcibly had sex with a child when he himself was the father of 3 children. Then also smuggled human beings. Dr. Hill’s Pakistani boyfriend rapes her repeatedly by pretending to be loving, simply because she is not ‘like a Muslim’.

Pakistan’s infamy, saving diversity, MP’s trouble or girls’ justice?

Whether Naz Shah is an MP or of Pakistani origin or an Englishman… it can be debated but she is a woman, this is irrefutable truth. The wonder is that how can a woman say that the children who have been sexually abused should be silenced because diversity has to be saved in the country. The entire foundation of a civilized society is based on justice. Keeping in mind the one who is powerful, the society that tells the decisions lived in the jungles. MP Naz Shah lives in the city of England, then why a wild mindset? Their thinking is not connected to Islamic fundamentalism!

Islamic Shah is not influenced by thinking, why is Shah so angry with a letter (angry, racially correct)? Why so much hatred for a 60-year-old man that he should be taken behind bars? Forgive me that Bhujang… Oh, where would you have read this poem of Dinkar, the MP with the Pakistani sky book!

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