For the first time, a price has been set on the Zeekr 007, a leading electric car that will reach Europe

For the first time, a price has been set on the Zeekr 007, a leading electric car that will reach Europe

China stands out in the auto sector because it was able to reinvent its entire industry in the blink of an eye. In just a decade they went from almost a third world country to having the largest supply in the world. Its technology is desired by all brands and its production speed surpasses any traditional manufacturer. New companies come with a strong step, supported by electrical strategy. Zeekr is one of the most popular. Its latest release, 007, shows a fact that many of us still don’t enjoy: long-range electric cars don’t have to be expensive.

Just a few weeks ago, after a long development process, the Chinese presented Zeekr 007 to society. The fourth model of the house for only two years of existence. Its design already shows great appeal, but 007 is more than just a beautiful and attractive body. Underneath it lies the PMA2+ platform that comes from the Geely Group’s SEA structure, the same one used in models from Volvo, Polestar or Smart, among others. Its dimensions place it in segment D due to its length of 4.86 meters and a wheelbase of 2.93 meters.

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Much of the technology and equipment comes from the entry level trim.

Zeekr 007 may be coming to Europe, although its plans have yet to be confirmed

Thanks to the information leaked from China, we now know that the range of finishes will be structured in different levels: WE, ME 4WD, ME 2WD Long Range and YOU, which differ not only in the mechanical offer , but also technology. . In addition, Zeekr offers additional equipment packages, including a Sport trim. In the list of equipment, it is worth highlighting some technologies such as LiDAR radar with NVIDIA Orin chip, electric opening doors, 20-inch wheels or the front LED system that Zeekr calls Stargate.

Along with all this technology, we find an attractive mechanical offer powered by two types of batteries, ternary NCM or LFP, depending on the version chosen. The entry option offers an engine with 415 horsepower, while in its most powerful version it announces 636 horsepower thanks to the dual engine scheme. As for the batteries, the unit with the minimum range provides 688 kilometers, while the 2WD Long Range model is able to offer up to 870 kilometers of approved range under the imprecise CLTC protocol. However, we are talking about a truly impressive figure.

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The 007 is a family sedan with great room in its rear seats.

Lastly, and perhaps the biggest attraction, is the price. Now we know what the Zeekr 007 rates will be in China when it goes on sale early next year. As an introductory offer, the sedan will be available at a minimum price of 224,900 yuan, which is equivalent to 28,935 euros, including discounts. The most expensive, with all possible optional equipment, will be available for 334,900 yuan, 43,089 euros at the exchange rate.

Zeekr has not confirmed or given details on when 007 will arrive in Europe, but it is certain that it will, as did Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X. If it finally reaches our market, the prices will be very different.

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