Ford thanks Tesla for providing this technical solution


Last March, during Investor Day, Tesla confirmed that in its next launch it will adopt a technical solution that was finally applied to the recently presented Cybertruck. This is a voltage change for the auxiliary battery of the electric pickup, so 12 volts became a thing of the past, and instead the system increased the voltage to 48 volts. The Californian company is not stopping here, as it intends to continue this development in the rest of the industry.

A breakthrough for the industry

To this end, Elon Musk himself sent details of the 48-volt system to other manufacturers, and Ford CEO Jim Farley confirmed that he had received it: “They are not kidding. We received the document today, dated December 5. Thank you, @ElonMusk. Great for the industry!”. We can assume that the oval company is also ready to implement such an architecture in its new launches, which may start with some next-generation all-electric models.

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The main advantage of a higher voltage for auxiliary devices is that the same power can be supplied with a lower current, which directly reduces current losses and allows the use of thinner cables to save weight and cost. Some large vehicles already use a 24 volt system, but the 48 volt system is a rarely used solution in the automotive industry. However, it seems that in a short time, there will be a change in the scene.

“It’s great to read the document and realize that our next generation group has followed a similar path. Let’s work together to help the supply base also work in the 48-volt future. “Farley wrote in a recent post on Twitter.

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Despite the many obvious benefits, the automotive industry is sometimes slow to change things that work for the better. Going from 12 to 48 volts is not as simple as you think because it requires redesigning the car’s wiring and most of the electrical components. This means brands should invest in adopting this solution, and suppliers will adapt to the new scenario. In addition, service centers must be prepared for the new low-voltage system.

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