Former Conagua director says water crisis should be declared a natural disaster

Former Conagua director says water crisis should be declared a natural disaster

Engineer Jose Luis Lueg Tamargo Urged that the federal government issue announcements Natural disaster and emergency Water crisis It is located in the Valley of Mexico metropolitan area and extends across the country.

in interview with Joaquin Lopez-Dorriga For radio FORMULA The former director of Conagua said that extreme drought The disaster Mexico has been experiencing over the past year is also considered a natural disaster.

He assured that the declaration of emergency should be established as per general civil defense law While urging the mayors of the Valley of Mexico to demand it.

Obviously we are in a very serious situation…the matter is very serious,” he said.

Eng. According to Luz Tamargo, Katazamala system it will remain without water First mayo And not in June, as has been reported in recent days.

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that’s because contaminants Prevent adequate treatment for water purification.

Experts agreed to explore deep water to reduce water scarcity in Cutzamala, although he warned that well drilling And its equipment requires large investments that the municipalities of the Valley of Mexico do not have.

What concerns me at the moment is the lack of economic support from the federal government, which has left the municipalities alone,” he criticized.

However, he urged rehabilitation and modernization He water system from Mexico City, as well reclaim the dams In this area, such as Madein, Lake Guadalupe, Concepción and Laguna de Zampango.

These dams are built in sewers, that water must be recovered. Urban waste water must be treated before being released into the dam and then, at the exit, there must be purified water,” he explained.

Another important thing is that 6,800 million square meters of water falls every year. Rainwater Which are not used even though they are three times more than Mexico City’s consumption.

About 70 percent evaporates and 20 percent floods us, I call it the cursed paradox. We are indeed in imminent danger of destruction if we do not act“, he explained.

In addition to the crisis of the Cutzamala system, engineer Luz Tamargo also warned about the crisis of groundwater that if not addressed, “losing the aquifer is the death of the city,” as it represents 70 percent of the supply to the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico.

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exploitation of aquifers He said, has led drown of the region, “the world’s most pressing problem.”

What is happening is irresponsible on the part of the authorities… If we do not act radically in the face of this emergency, we are committing harakiri… What is the federal government waiting for in the face of this crisis Is it?” insisted.


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