Former River player Ezequiel Cirigliano was arrested armed while trying to rob a house in Caserosso

east of the river player Ezequiel Sirigliano was arrested today by police after he attempted to rob a house with an armed hand in the Buenos Aires city of Caseros. Neighbors heard gunshots in the backyard of a house and called 911. Soldiers arrive and find the former “millionaire” midfielder in a complete robbery.

The arrest of Ezequiel Sirigliano

Early today, two calls were made to the provincial police in which they warned Suspect man who opened fire in the garden of the house Located on Olavaria and Avellino Diaz streets, across from the San Martín neighborhood.

Ezequiel Sirigliano was previously arrested on charges of attempted robbery at the Caseros police station
Ezequiel Sirigliano was previously arrested on charges of attempted robbery at the Caseros police station

An eyewitness assured that he saw a robber passing through the courtyard of his house, and he heard a gunshot sound. Another made the same comment, But that I saw him on the street.

there he was arrested cirigliano, Which is believed to be an attempted robbery. Buenos Aires Police officers arrested him and confiscated a 9mm Browning shotgun.Whose magazine had eleven bullets and one in the chamber.

The case was classified as “arrest for illegally carrying a weapon of war and for breach of the house”.”, and the investigation will be carried out by 07, the financial unit of San Martin.

9mm gun held by Cirigliano and confiscated by police
9mm gun held by Cirigliano and confiscated by police

The 30-year-old former midfielder who emerged from the river, who was born in Caseros, played Currently for Italy’s Serie di Cynthialbalonga Calcio Nez between 2010 and 2014 following his time at the club. He also played several seasons Hellas Verona from Italy, and FC Dallas of MLS in the United States. In return, they had a brief passage tigre, atletico tucumán You Godoy Cruise in Argentina.

cirigliano appeared in River As one of the most promising central midfielders, but he was always beset by personal problems. “They influenced him a lot and he could not fully concentrate on his career. He had barbaric conditions at the time, but he was always very concerned for his family. I think that played against him”, he tells Is Country Someone who knows the footballer from his time in Nez clubs and youth teams.

in fact, in RiverMany people compared it to Javier Mascherano For gifts for game removal and distribution. Both occupy similar positions and have emerged from the lower classes of millionaires. On April 11, 2010, at the age of 18, Sergiliano made his River first team debut. integrated too Selected Sub 17 and Sub 20,

They from the Nunez Club. interested in the status of cirigliano and several times the former president of the unit spoke to him and his team, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, Footballer was also managed by Marcelo GallardoHowever, he could not earn consistency.

soccer player He has a history of misconduct and problems with the law., In 2015, he was also detained in Caseros, under the control of the Personal Command for Community Prevention. For drunk driving and driving a cherry van without a license.

in the first police station of that localityand opened a file for “opposing authorization””, since he refused to give the documents of the vehicle. A breath analyzer test showed that he had 1.35 grams of alcohol in his blood.

In addition, it turned out that His father was imprisoned in Italy Playing for Verona City Club.


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