Former soldier going to fight in Ukraine finds an anonymous donor for his biopolymer

Former soldier going to fight in Ukraine finds an anonymous donor for his biopolymer

Diva Quintero is a retired former soldier from the national army who joined with Ukrainian soldiers in the fight against Russia to raise resources that will allow them to cover biopolymer medical treatment.

Although the retired soldier already had an invitation letter from the Ukrainian battalion she was going to join, her story took an unexpected turn when an anonymous donor contacted her and told her he would take care of the soldiers’ retirement expenses. . Biopolymer.

As Quintero mentioned, she has been suffering from this medical problem for 11 years and has already gone through several unsuccessful cannula surgeries.

In dialogue with 10AM Hoy por Hoy, Diva Quintero was able to speak with Felipe González, an aesthetic plastic surgeon in charge of the medical procedure, which she hopes to perform at the end of February.

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Regarding the donor, the former military indicated that he did not want to reveal his identity, but he himself communicated with Dr. Gonzalez in Bucaramanga:

“I also got a call from the clinic to tell me that everything is ready and from today I am starting a preventive protocol so that I can travel and have access to the surgery because they will cover everything.”

He said five other doctors offered him treatment to improve his quality of life: “I’m so happy, I still can’t believe it, in my house, my father, my brother, all of us. Very happy. “It’s a pleasure.”

For his part, Doctor Felipe González explained that he is working with his team to follow the protocols and prepare the details to perform the surgery before February 27: “It will be a reconstructive surgery to improve his quality of life . ,

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He commented that the patient has undergone four surgical procedures and has already undergone a comprehensive evaluation with a thorough medical history to thoroughly evaluate his tissues, blood studies, thyroid, among other examinations.

“There is no need to rush reconstruction, when biopolymers are removed the most important thing is to clean the tissues that have been affected by these foreign bodies, so there is no need to rush fat injection, nor aesthetic Attempt to improve the portion with gluteal implants.

The surgeon indicated that the most relevant thing about the procedure is to improve pain and give the patient peace in his/her emotional health.

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