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Four of the Courts Protected by the United States Chamber of Commerce

The recent decision of the Supreme Court of Justice, Mauricio Macri, in his capacity as President, relates to the funds entrusted by decree to Rodríguez Lareta, his favorite disciple of the PRO; It was based on a hoax that distorted the real purpose: to offset the cost of relocating the federal police to the city. In the midst of World Cup celebrations and on the verge of holidays, the court’s four-judge verdict triggered debate and political confrontation on the issue of federalism, co-participation and distribution of national resources. The Supreme Court’s decision was opposed by the president, most governors and a large part of public opinion, due to its partisan and anti-federal character, ending the illegitimate status of the four courtiers, chamberlains, judges and prosecutors. Commodore Pai’s. The process of emptying credibility was constituted by a complete lack of will not only to fulfill its mission of providing justice, but also to submit to the economic and media nucleus, the de facto spheres of legislative power to fulfill the mandate. It was also formed by Removal of the right to veto economic, financial and rate decisions. Thus, they formed an illegitimate group consisting of de facto powers to co-rule, despite the fact that none voted for them.

This decision of the Supreme Court, as expressed by the President of the Nation, lacks any criteria of justice and is impossible to follow, and as Cristina Fernández de Kirchner pointed out in her last intervention in Avellaneda, aims to Electoral support is the campaign of far-right candidate Rodríguez Lareta. Therefore, the dispute has to be situated in the power struggle of different layers of authority against the national government and the Frente de Todos. The debate for co-participation and federalism convenes the country’s 14 governors, who reject the ruling and challenge them not to take arbitrary sides of the PRO candidate. The whole country knows it, in most of our provinces, their cities have more unsatisfied needs than ours. However, there is a certain core point of this conflict, about which little has been said, which gave rise to the new drama of the head of government to suffer himself before public opinion, the true cost of the police of the city of Buenos Aires What is the contribution that should have been made by the nation? Obviously this is a significant value and an audit would be sufficient to establish this, but no one can sensibly believe that maintaining the Buenos Aires police structure is worth tripling the nation’s contribution, which Macri , which later became 3.5 and was corrected by President Fernandez. , left it at 1.40. There is little to match the 180 billion pesos invented by the courtiers who do not respond to any legal consideration. The four of them would have made it alone, waiving that all their decisions would always enjoy an “immunity bill” of sorts, following English tradition.

Within this framework, there is a central question that must be included in the consideration of the issue: the verdict comes neither in favor of the city, nor in favor of its people, but rather a party that controls it, and a political one. The partner is a court that always mediates in favor of corporations of the media, economic and political right. In the last two months he confirmed a 13-year prison sentence for Milagro Sala; Previously, he helped convict Cristina in the Violdad trial, rejecting countless offers of vice presidentship; In November he resolved that the division of the FDT’s senators’ bloc was not legal; and follow the signature.

Thus, it is imperative for the citizens of Buenos Aires to ask themselves: what was implemented during these years, since 2016, that billionaire mass that extrapolated to Lareta’s PRO, supposedly To cover the cost of security forces? , The mayor enjoyed and managed all these vast resources, but they were not used to improve the lives of our people. The JxC government of Buenos Aires continued to create new taxes on civilian consumption even during the pandemic, and “updated” all taxes, many of which exceeded inflation. Along these lines, another question arises: despite having so much money, is it acceptable that there are 800,000 poor people in our city? How is it possible that JXC govt. is recruiting 25,000 to 50,000 girls/boys every year; Or that teachers and health professionals have had to struggle hard for 2 months to get proper salaries, and hospitals continue to lack infrastructure, technology and basic supplies?

This serious episode of controversy over timely disbursement of funds to the PRO hides another issue which was buried and is now coming to light. Lareta’s PRO intended to mount not only a Buenos Aires campaign, but a national campaign as well. Therefore, all four of the court gave a hand to the yellow party, despite the fact that it would have the traditional support of the establishment.

It is pertinent to remember that in 2022 the spending on official advertising in CABA was increased to 26 million pesos per day.

It is very clear that this episode is pivotal in the tussle for power, which is why the representation of the most hardline of the establishment quickly became apparent. As in no time the so-called real power manifested itself so openly and urgently: AmCham (United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina), Business Convergence Forum, AEA and Rural Society, among others; who admire this judicial power, and especially the four supreme as their own soldiers. Hence this declaration of a colonial nature, from one chamber of foreign companies and from the other nucleus of local oligarchy.

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