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Four Secrets to Losing Weight Without Counting a Single Calorie

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to losing weight is calories, which according to many people is responsible for having extra kilos. those who are left And they not only affect the physical form, they will also end up with health problems like cardiovascular problems, mobility problems and even diseases like diabetes.

Even then, Calories aren’t always the only villain when it comes to losing weight and they can be best left alone when you achieve your ideal weight. As expressed by a doctor specializing in nutrigenomic and anti-aging body composition, Amy Hosoda, who is also very famous on Tik Tok for the clear and concise information she gives to her more than 100,000 followers.

Diseases like diabetes can be prevented by measuring the sugar you consume. – photo: Getty Images

This time the topic was to lose weight without thinking only about calories, so Amy Hosoda reveals four “secrets” to apply to achieve a healthy figure, which mention no calories and fail if they fail. If you take into account issues like sugar, water consumption, importance of sleep and yes, the much dreaded physical exercise.

The first tip to lose weight without thinking about calories is to control the amount of sugar consumed, because although excess calories can affect, it is the sugar that causes the food to produce insulin spikes and therefore the amount of sugar in the blood. What happens is, as the doctor says in his video, an inevitable weight gain, as the body grabs onto these extras and stores them as fat. This excess of sugar can also trigger diseases like diabetes.

Secondly, there would be water, a drink that gives life and that many people forget to drink during the day, a habit that improves countless functions in the body.

as well, Doctors confirm that many people confuse feeling thirsty with feeling hungry, two sensations that can be very similar, which is why when someone feels the need to eat, they first drink a glass of water. Drink water and wait about 15 minutes. If the appetite is lost, what was it thirsty for and thus the food intake which was probably going to contribute to the weight gain, slows down.

Water Lose Weight Lose Weight
Drinking water before meals will help the body feel satiated and not consume as many calories. – photo: Getty Images

continue with expert The third tip in his video and it has to do with the quality of sleep for a person who wants to lose weight.

The sleep cycle is essential to getting rid of those extra kilos as it allows the body to regenerate and thus maintain its vital functions so that they can maintain a healthy routine to reduce those extra kilos permanently. Don’t play against

If the body doesn’t have a way to rest, no organ, tissue or body part will be in optimal condition to fight off excess weight.

Finally, there is exercise and here the doctor emphasizes that apart from cardio and aerobics, it is strength exercises that helped him lose 45 kilos which took a toll on his own health.

Why strength exercises? The answer is that these routines help to recover lost muscle mass, obviously accompanied by a healthy diet. This will not only help in burning the fat located near the muscles, but will also help in giving more strength to the muscles to tone the body and take care of the bones.

Strength exercises are of great benefit when it comes to losing weight. – photo: Getty Images

So, these tips from Dr. Emi Hosoda offer a different approach when it comes to dealing with the dreaded calories and kilos that are probably past thanks to the Christmas holidays that are just behind us with 2022; Those are the “secrets” that can help overall when it comes to losing weight.

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