Fran Undurraga breaks down in tears when recalling a heartbreaking loss

The national media cried during the activity that was done this Thursday on the Channel 13 reality show.

A particular entertainment event ended with one of the members of the reality show “Tierra Brava,” Fran Undurraga, crying when he remembered the difficult path he went through after the death of his father.

The first one presented by Matías Vega to the participants of the program as a pleasant and unusual exercise, led by the Colombian medium Vivian Arango, in the words of the face of the television, a woman who “came to teach us and show the technique of rumpology,” moved to an emotional moment when the model decided to show the activity.

shouted Fran in Tierra Brava

Before and after Arango explained to them that he was “the third person in the world to read the ‘derrier’, the pompi”, Junior Playboy, Guarén, Daniela Castro, Botota, and Jhonatan Mujica passed; all of them recognized the achievements of living with respect for their present and future in prison.

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So, it was Undurraga’s turn, and she was surprised to read the Colombian. From her strong and explosive nature to her insecurities when worrying about what others think of her, there came a time when the rumpologist asked her to throw away “those voids you have here (her heart); you sigh for something, not here.” You feel good. You take care of your family, but that family, like, the moment you need it, I’m sorry, they don’t support you.

The National Media Cried During The Activity That Was Done This Thursday On The Channel 13 Reality Show.

“I see a lot of hypocrisy around you, but 2024 is a year to make decisions, leave the past behind, and everything that happened to you is there. But don’t cry, because queens don’t cry, and you are a queen,” he concluded.

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At that moment, Fran was visibly moved, and as she explained her grief over her father’s death, she cried.

“When you’re sad, sometimes you can continue to live, but when you feel that your soul, which gives you life, is leaving you and you can’t hold it, your soul, it’s very complicated,” he said. combines wholeheartedly, embracing the medium.

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