France plans to cancel the acquisition of nationality for immigrants born in the Indian Ocean region

Lawmakers from the leftist NUPES coalition hold signs against the immigration law

The French government announced its intention to repeal “soil rights” on its island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, which restricted the possibility for a person born in that territory to acquire nationality regardless of the origin of their parents. Controls.

“It will no longer be possible to be French if you are not the child of French parents,” Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said Sunday during a visit to the region facing a severe migration crisis and explosive social situation.

This measure, described by Darmanin as “radical”, seeks to curb the “charm” of this archipelago located near the Comoros Islands and will be reflected in practice in the reform of the Constitution.

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Left-wing parties and immigrant aid associations criticized the violation of the “principle of equality”. On the other hand, the French right wing praised the measure from the government of President Emmanuel Macron.

Right-wing deputy Sébastien Chenu lamented, “Too much time has been wasted in coming to the conclusion that it is not only necessary but possible to abolish the right to land, not only in Mayotte but throughout France.”

Mayotte is the poorest department of France and has 310,000 inhabitants, including 48% immigrants from Comoros or other African countries. Most come aboard fishing boats and many live in slums.

Since January 22, “civilian groups” have paralyzed the area with blockades and roadblocks to protest against insecurity and, in their opinion, uncontrolled immigration.

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In 2022, according to the Ministry of the Interior, 44% of children born in Mayotte had two foreign parents and 38% had at least one parent of French nationality.


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