Francis Lawrence to direct The Long March, the canceled Stephen King adaptation


After several failed attempts, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel The Long March continues and will feature Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games) at the address.

Although the adaptation of the work of Stephen King is usually synonymous with a good reception at the box office, there are some novels that, for one reason or another, have not yet completed implementation.

One of them is The Long March, a book that the writer published in 1979 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman and whose film version has been in various stages of development over the years.

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Although there were filmmakers like George A. Romero, Frank Darabont, and André Øvredal, none of these projects ended successfully, and it seems that the work of the King of Terror will never be brought to the big screen.

However, it seems that the opportunity for a new film to be made has arisen again Francis Lawrence, director of the saga The Hunger Games, recently released the prequel in theaters, The Hunger Games: Ballad of Birds and Snakes.

According to Business Insider, the filmmaker confirmed his participation in the project and is the one who gets behind the cameras to adapt Stephen King’s book on the big screen.

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“Now I have an attachment to The Long March, a book by Stephen King. “I’m very excited about it,” the director revealed to the outlet when discussing his list of upcoming film projects.

About what it is The Long Marchone of Stephen King’s novels that has yet to be adapted into theaters

First described in 1979, The Long March is set in a dystopian future America ruled by an authoritarian known as The Commander. Every year, the country hosts a walking competition in which 100 teenagers must walk without stopping and under strict rules until only one of them survives and receives a prize.

Under this premise, the novel follows the story of Raymond Davis Garraty, a 16-year-old boy who becomes one of the participants in the walk, where he meets participants of all kinds, some of whom are willing to do all they can to be victorious. This is a deadly game.

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With survival games in vogue on the big and small screens, it’s surprising that Stephen King’s novel still doesn’t have a corresponding adaptation. However, unless things take a turn for the worse, it looks like this season will be the last. Are you interested in watching a movie based on The Long March?