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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Free Netflix Subscription: From December 4, Netflix will be completely free for the next 48 hours

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Free Netflix Subscription: Good news for fans of film, TV shows and web series. This is a chance to watch all the videos available on Netflix for free. Netflix is ​​offering a chance to get two days of free subscription. Netflix has announced StreamFest for India. Under this, Netflix will be completely free from December 4 for the next 48 hours. That is, any user can download the app on their mobile and make a free subscription and can take advantage of all the content for free. This is a promotional offer from Netflix.

Know what Netflix free subscription offer

According to the company, the user will not have to pay any kind to watch the show on Streamfest. This offer is different from the free trial of 30 days, in which payment information has to be given and after that the first 30 days all services are completely free. After the end of this 30-day period, the amount starts deducting from the customer’s account according to the plan, but this will not happen here. The special thing is that the users of India for Streamfest. If the trial is successful here it will be implemented in the rest of the world.
Why Netflix is ​​offering 48 hours free subscription
According to Netflix Chief Product Officer Greg Peters, the company wants to give everyone in the country free access to Netflix for a certain period of time. The objective is that more and more people can see the content present here and then sign up for further.

Know about the current 4 offers of Netflix

  1. 480p resolution streaming for Rs 199 only for mobile application.
  2. Basic plan of 499 rupees in which login for one screen on any mobile, TV or PC at once.
  3. Standard plan of 649 rupees, with full HD resolution facility on two devices simultaneously.
  4. A premium plan of Rs 799 in which 4K + HDR resolution content can be seen on four screens simultaneously.

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