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Freedom without competition: four business models, the initial investment and how much you’ll get back for what you put in

Although the areas have more players, they are also known as the leading brands in the world of franchises and offer a good business opportunity.

It is estimated that in Argentina there are about 1,500 companies that operate with the franchise format: from pizzerias and cafeterias to aesthetic centers and paint shops.

But there are also some singularities in their field: perhaps they have competitors in the market, but not within the freedom ecosystem that allows the investor to bet on the sector.

GoFix technology works: How much freedom of cost and recovery time?

Jeronimo Gallo had two apple product stores as a franchisee. It was done very well until the manzanita firm discovered some irregularities in the local distribution and cut contracts.

Gallo was left with extensive knowledge of the cell and franchise market. Together with Juan del Campo, they founded GoFix in 2014, a company that provides technical service and sales of accessories for smartphones and tablets. They started with a store in Recoleta, now they have more than 67 between their owners and franchisees, and they have already landed in Uruguay and Peru.

Smartphones are an essential part of anyone’s life, but with an average price of $50,000, it’s not always easy to replace them when they break, and removing them for service is usually the best option. Gallo promises to repair more than 250,000 cell phones a year.

“Although technical services exist, they are more associated with scams and illegitimate. The business is transparently focused on the client and allows us to have many people who want their technical service. Until now we are the only ones who grant freedoms.” , Gallo ob.

GoFix is ​​the first mobile phone and tablet repair franchise

Between entry fees, initial stock and supplies, a total investment of around US$25,000 is required. The monthly billing promises $1,500,000 miles, so they calculate that the change will be paid off between 12 and 18 months.

“GoFix is ​​self-employed at its best: the owner’s presence is required. The key is to have technicians in each location and, since they are not easy to find, we provide them with the necessary training,” Gallo explains.

Smartdrink capsule drinks: how much does freedom cost and recovery time?

With only a shaker (or container with a lid) you can prepare a mojito, just to name one of the dozen cocktails that Smartdrink has been selling in box form since 2013 and working with franchises after half a year.

Patricio Folatelli, president and inventor of Smartdrink, tells iProUP franchises “are aimed at those who are looking for a second source of income or a complementary activity to their work”.

“Each person can trade boxes between people, gastronomic establishments or hotels through social networks, a website or an online store according to their convenience. You can also go out and sell locally by local. Whatever you prefer,” he adds.

In six months, the businessman has granted 78 franchises and the key, he says, is an innovative product and low-cost complex. It provides two examples:

  • Basic: costs $990, requires branding and marketing for sale. The advantage of this model is that “the libersee chooses which product to buy starting from $15,000,” he says.
  • Professional: costs $299,000 and includes everything from uniforms and catalogs to a mini-folding bar and event umbrella, among other accessories and tools.
  • “The most interesting thing is that we give them the same amount that they invested in the products. So they get back that $290,000 with a sale in two months,” he said.

    What makes it a reliable business? “The 10 years of marketing a unique product in the market, without competitors and with the back of Lamborghini.”

    Patricio folatelli is the inventor and president of smartdrink, a boxed beverage business

    Patricio Folatelli is the inventor and president of Smartdrink, a boxed beverage business

    In addition, it proudly says that it has patent applications in more than 70 countries and master franchises in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

    Although he acknowledges that the existence of the box office will facilitate his discovery, he expects the arrival of competitors so that he will not remain alone in the difficult task of evangelizing and retaining the work.

    Egg storage: How much freedom the cost and recovery time?

    How many eggs do you have to sell to pay? The owners of the premises were surprised, before deciding whether to restore the property to Gaston Girard and Luca Bertachini. Six years later, with four quarters of sales, they can clearly answer: about 300 maps per day and yes, said Girard, “to sell only eggs”.

    The first location was opened in 2018 in the city of Merced, Buenos Aires, where the partners have been based for years. Later, they opened in Luján, General Rodríguez and Saavedra neighborhood. To increase this year, they excluded and sought freedoms.

    “Our liberties do not require a large investment and can be accompanied by their owners, without having employees. Therefore, the recovery time does not exceed 12 months,” Girard says to iProUP, which anticipates that the first non-owner premises will be open. in Caballito

    To join the business, an investment of US$15,000 is required, which includes the entry fee, stock and initial equipment. Girard reports franchisee bills of $48 million a year.

    Tienda de huevos is unique in its field: it has its own farms, to which it gives its branches and market

    Tienda de Huevos is unique in its field: it has its own farms, to which it gives its branches and market

    The partners also own two Merced farms, one for laying hens and the other for laying hens, which allows the research of the product to be managed.

    “We supply the industry and the market in general with six vineyards and more than 60,000 hens. With these two days, we produce 60,000 eggs, we supply four stores throughout the month,” says the entrepreneur.

    Kindergarten La casa de Abu: how much does freedom cost and recovery time?

    The La Casa de Abu kindergarten was founded in 2011 in San Juan and now seeks to create at least one early childhood center in each province under the guise of franchise.

    Today there are two: in Mendoza Capital and in the town of Banfield in Buenos Aires. They hope to close the year with five more in La Pampa, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Neuquén and Belgrano in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.

    “La Casa de Abu is the first kindergarten with franchises in Argentina and South America. Spain is the strongest country in the field with five giant care centers, followed by Mexico and then the US,” says Gastón Azcona, founder of the kindergarten and member of the ProUP teacher training institute from He was created by his parents at the age of 38, who collaborates educationally with Casa de Abu.

    The call for the opening of a branch in Belgrano has been opened since February and, if its plans are to be expected, it will not soon come out in Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

    Freedom without competition: four business models, the initial investment and how much you'll get back for what you put in

    La Casa de Abu is the first independent kindergarten in the country

    To open a La Casa de Abu branch, the initial investment is about $2.5 million and the recovery period is about 18 months, with a turnover of $1,400,000 per shift, depending on the area.

    “Another business, which is crowd funding, is entered with a minimum share of $60,000. The partner can receive his profit per month, per quarter or every year. He gets 8%, 24% or 98%, respectively,” he says. a businessman who pays contributions to employers once, under this model he will sell the franchise open kindergartens.

    In addition, he points out that “it is convenient to be with the freedom of the Department, which allows you to innovate and make your own plans”.

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