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From 3D HFR to wow factor: 5 things where ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ is worse than the original film… and 2 where it’s better

Most criticized of ‘Avatar’ in years we’re talking about its cultural irrelevance: A decade later there was no parody or homage beyond a great episode of ‘How To With John Wilson’. Pandora had been left uninhabited, or so we thought. There was some reason for the infamy, but the more we realize the cultural irrelevance, the more it becomes clear that Socially it remains the order of the day and the masses want more adventure in three dimensions.

something in spite of everything we feel like smiling Faced with all these signs of admiration and respect for James Cameron, I could not help myself from finding ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ to be a weak continuation with more or less impressive battle scenes but which It never ceases to amaze us neither artistically nor technically.

And these days when it’s inevitable to talk about Cameron sequels in all kinds of social circles, It’s Time to Give a Deliberately Controversial Approach But -I think- makes sense: one of the things in which the sequel has not been able to equal the original… and those in which he manages to overcome, What is Caesar’s to Caesar’s.

Wow factor

Avatar 2

The first time we entered Pandora, in late 2009, everything was new: an unknown planet, three dimensions like nothing we’d seen before, a new race with its own language… A sense of wonder runs throughout the film, and there isn’t a shot that isn’t captivating. However, its sequel doesn’t innovate enough to leave you speechless: the Metkayina is very similar to the race we already knew and The view of the sea is not as impressive as the view of the trees.

At the end, leaves a feeling of withdrawal, but not a surprise:continuity may still cause gasps in this sequel, but Cameron has to make a drastic change in the third part If you don’t want to sound like a broken record.


Avatar Malo

in ‘Avatars’ there was an understandable ecological struggle: It’s not that humans were villains by definition, but that they needed Pandora’s resources to save an Earth on the brink of extinction. In the end it all turned into a fierce fight, of course, but humans had different layers, presented with a duality in a Jake Sully between the hero and the villain which made him more interesting.

However, in ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’, Colonel Quaritch’s motivation is to kill Jake Sully, period. The same logic as the previous part is again discarded, but it is inefficient: as if it were a direct-to-video sequel, the well-constructed logic of the original becomes a simple excuse that serves as a starting point. does, but repeat the villains – literally the same! – as enemies, without giving them a turn, It’s more like a poorly made video game than a well done movie for over a decade.

Al Nawi

When James Cameron released ‘Avatar’ announced that he had created a new language with the help of various linguistsIn the style of Tolkien’s Quenya: academies were also built for learning Na’vi, and in the sequel, which took place entirely on Pandora, One would have expected that the language in question would be spoken much moregiving more credibility to the whole.

However, “Novi already felt like my own language”, with the excuse of James Cameron. He makes the cowardly decision to shoot the film in English, except for that language for some loose sentences. Granted it would have been awful to read subtitles on papyrus all the time, but The solution provided is not good and detracts from the authenticity of the whole.

frames per second


I know James Cameron is very proud of the 48 frames per second he produced when shooting in 3D HFR, and beware: There are people who not only notice it but appreciate it! It’s valid, indeed… but it’s inevitable that a handful of particularly sensitive viewers Let’s pay attention to the famous “soap opera effect”, which is typical for poorly calibrated TVs.

It is true that the invention has improved since Peter Jackson used it in ‘The Hobbit’, and Action sequences could have looked more spectacular, but that’s an advantage for some and see it as essentially the future of cinema and a unique immersion, others of us essentially see it as unnecessarily extra fast paced, in which the characters move in a strange way. added to 3D and that technology still needs to be perfected, The result is a slight headache.

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Once again: this is, for some, an advantage, and I’m glad if you’re among them, but For me this was what i got most of what i was looking for, Perhaps if I had watched it at a constant 24 frames per second (Cameron mixes between both modes) I would have been more interested, who knows: the truth is that it was impossible to focus throughout the movie, regarding my brain. in a more conscious, habitual lifetime format, try to decode and generalize what he was seeing instead of enjoying the journey, And it’s a shame.



Here’s What Anyone You Talk To About ‘Avatar: The Sense Of Water’ Is Going To Tell You The last hour is incredible, pure action, pure show, pure cameroon, The problem is, to reach that epic ending (frankly: yes, it is, but it didn’t even take my breath away) you have to endure. two hours of absolute tedium, very nice screensaverScript manual situations and embarrassing dialogue.

The first two hours of this movie are a perfect sample of how well Cameron is in the visual section…more How bad it seems lately at mastering the art of storytelling. The story is uninteresting, the pacing shaky, and if it weren’t for the final battle, it would have sounded more like an IMAX whale documentary than a fantasy film. The story of ‘Avatar’ is taken from some obvious sources, but in this case It seems to have the most chewy and soft plot has to offer, with a sluggish pace. Sorry but no.

Of course, not everything in ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ is going to be negative, and I’ve been able to scratch Some things that really surprised me. where not to go The bitterness is total.


Avatar Marg Jal

In the first part, only Jake Sully was able to plot his own and Na’vi was in doubt about whether or not to be a hero. of the rest They were flat characters, simply scripted around the protagonist. Were they in favor? Opposite? did he help you? Was he her lover? no one seemed to have A journey that was not particularly attached to its protagonist.

Fortunately, in the second part, by extension the world and the family, there are Various objectives, internal journeys and plot arcsDealing with: Spider and his family’s relationship, Lok’s internal struggle with her parents feeling an outcast as well, Neytiri’s growth as a mother and warrior… the film flourishes, evolves Is By giving yourself permission to speak about only one story, but also by giving yourself permission to move in different directions.


Avatar Bird

It is undeniable: You’ve Never Seen CGI Like ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ As much as I’m not a fan of their designs or passionate about what they’re telling me (or how they’re doing it), Cameron has created a world out of nothing and He has managed to bring it alive in the most realistic way possible. This is the first time we’ve seen such a vast and compelling world created exclusively by computers on the big screen.

Whatever this means for the future of cinema, Weta’s composition is incredible and manages to improve on the already very solid shots of the first part. I don’t know if the rest of the sequels will be able to raise the bar or how they’ll try to surprise us, because It seems like an impossible ceiling to cross.

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