From ‘cutiascas’ to umbrella: “state-of-the-art technology” in the Santiago control tower

loss santiago air traffic controller pulled from wit and irony censure – once again – Deficiencies in the air control tower of Santiago, the airport with the most traffic in Galicia,

In the month of June they almost had to wear ‘cutias’ so that they would be able to face the stream of water which completely flooded the control tower. Now, although the sun is not shining brightly these days in the Galician community, they have a . had to choose more summer elements to be able to fix another problem in the tower, And it’s not the only one.

account of Twitter @controladores Posted a picture of the LavaCola control tower this morning in which you can see how they had to Place an umbrella next to one of the funnel windows In which it seems that one of the curtains protecting the laborers from the sun has come off. “State-of-the-art technology in the Santiago Control Tower,” he says ironically.

but Complaints go beyond the issue, In the thread, the controllers also attach a photo of another window of the tower that is completely glued and, they assure, has been like this for two months.

Image of broken glass at the Lavacola Control Tower, published by the account @controladores.


But this is not the first problem reported by controllers at the Lavacola control tower. Last June, a huge waterfall flooded the tower and air traffic had to be closed for 20 minutes.

This happened on Saturday, June 4th at around six in the afternoon, when it rained -30 liters per square meter according to AEMET data- surprised the controllers in the tower at the time. It started raining And the room—which opened in 2008—was completely full.


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