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From Fast Food to Fast Good: The Growing Trend That Strives to Improve Your Health

The growing concern of consumers about the origin of the products and how to lead a healthy lifestyle in a world in which there is a multitude, has given rise to a new gastronomic renaissance, which is very concerned about our health and the planet .

In recent years, a series of nutritional trends such as real foodkm0 consumption of products, promoting healthy fats, superfood And the presence of meat substitutes helps to reduce the consumption of foods of animal origin among others. This has led more and more people to follow new eating models that range from vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, gluten-free or sugar-free diets to new concepts such as: plant basedThe raw food, and paleo and ketogenic diets. These trends are here to stay, and will be the engines for changing habits in the population.

We live in a society in which health, care of body and mind, and the purpose of maintaining an active life become increasingly important.

Similarly, a consumer movement is emerging that is committed to conscious eating, and which recognizes the importance of the origin of the raw materials and the processes used to obtain the products they consume. The new diet streams are no longer a political decision by the consumer to be a purely conscious choice in defense of their own health and sustainability. there is, therefore, a clear trend towards consumption of products of a responsible origin, which values ​​the work of local producers, artisans, care for the environment and sustainability, thus giving rise to the movement slow FoodWhich reminds us that things well done require time, sacrifice, and love.

However, we live in an age of urgency, in a society where there is a rush and the consumer has less time to cook. As a result, they look for fast and affordable alternatives, so it is often inevitable that they neglect their diet, either because of a lack of time, or because of a lack of alternatives that meet these needs and are even healthier. .

How to bet on healthy, aware and sustainable gastronomy?

As a result of these changes in consumer needs and demand, the food sector has evolved, and in recent years new restaurants have been emerging with the aim of making a positive impact on the well-being of the population and the environment. Informal offer in which the consumer can eat in a healthy, conscious and sustainable manner And that, in turn, allows you to continue with your busy life. This new generation of restaurants uses local and seasonal ingredients With a responsible origin and takes maximum care of the processes used to obtain it, thus giving rise to natural recipes, without preservatives and without additives, to prevent nutrients from being lost along the way Simple cooking techniques are applied, thus giving rise to speed good soon,

good soon Tries to follow the same philosophy and offer the same kind of convenience, speed and convenience to the consumer fast foodReplacing junk food for dishes made from ingredients that are healthy and beneficial for the consumer, guaranteeing quality without sacrificing pleasure and taste, an essential feature to achieve repeatability. Therefore, this new generation of restaurants has become a platform for a change in the philosophy of consumption and lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more increasing trend.

The first step of slow food, a trend seeking respect for the environment

Agitation slow Food was born in the 70s in california by the hand of Alice WatersFood activist and ardent supporter of local and organic food for nearly half a century, chef, author of 15 cookbooks, and founder of the restaurant in the pansy in Berkeley in 1971, which bases its offering on local and seasonal ingredients. Sarma Melangalis opened in New York in 2004 pure food and wine, a restaurant raw vegan, Who conquered with his dishes made from raw vegetable ingredients. Once spread across the United States, these new trends moved to northern Europe.

Years later, in 2004, NH Hoteles tried to bring this fast and healthy food movement to Spain in collaboration with Ferran Adria. fast goodBut this was a moment in which the consumer was not yet ready to add this twist to his diet. Therefore, it can be said that Teresa Carles, Ramon Barry and their children, Mara and Jordi Barry, were the pioneers of the restaurant. good soon in our country, with the opening in 2014 Flax and Kale en BarcelonaThe first restaurant that called itself Healthy-flexitarian. They currently offer gluten-free dishes in their stores cooked with meat-alternative proteins like chicken and bacon. plant based,

Three Fast Good Restaurants You Must Try in Madrid

Over time, in Madrid they have been involved in the movement. slow Food Other restaurants born with philosophy strong gooD, is an example of falafelariaIn which Shai and Lotem Kirchheimer Gaziel are committed to a new way of expressing Middle Eastern gastronomy with an entirely vegetarian and artisanal proposition, for which they use 100% fresh ingredients without preservatives or additives.

Standing in this new wave stand upA food delivery project created by Isabel Entrecanales and Pino Gil de Biedma, born with the hope of creating a healthy, diverse and plant based Using 100% vegetable and natural ingredients from local and respectable agriculture, in a fast-paced world.

for its part, GabsfoodsComes from Istanbul to Madrid to break the “boring” stereotypes traditionally associated with healthy food, focusing on a single offer paleo and ketogenic diet Through menus inspired by travels around the world by its founder, Gabriella Patacchi, with a particular focus on Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention that, despite the fact that the consumer is incorporating these changes into their diet, they still have to go a step further, with the healthy presence of the business behind each restaurant. There is in-depth research and learning about the model, as few establishments have managed to settle in the segment Healthy Thank you for your marketing efforts and your method.

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