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From Journalism to Law: Tell Me What Career You Study and I’ll Tell You What Mental Health Problems You’ll Have

College life is often a turning point for students as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. For this reason it is also a sensitive period, with experts warning that it is common for mental health issues to arise. This was warned by a macro report commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018, which found one third of the students presentleast, a clinical disorder, Among the most notable: anxiety, depression, and problems arising from substance use.

However, there are careers that have worse mental health rates than others, according to new research published in one more, Guided by professionals from the Faculty of Medicine Ulster (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom) analyzed through a sample 1,829 students from across the countryWhich are the ones in which students report more psychological problems.

To get a bigger picture, the researchers first grouped the data into different Areas that make up the University of Ulster: Faculty of Health Sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Psychology and Sports Science), Business school (Accounting, Finance, Economics and Marketing), Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (Arts, Teaching, English Language and Literature, History, Law, Journalism and Social Work) and Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (Computer Science, Architecture and Engineering).

Based on your data, it is in the running for business world in which worse mental health Turns out, because their students score a higher percentage Depressive disorder (18.7%), panic attack (12.6%), bipolar disorder (4.2%) and anxiety (44.3%). It is also worth noting that there is a higher propensity among faculty to group careers such as journalism and social work, where there is a higher propensity to self-harm (8.4%).

most affected psychologists

Although many of these problems They are closely followed by health science. For example, the overall percentage of their students with depression was 18.5%, which is better explained with the second part of the investigation.

Since these faculties include a wide range of courses, professionals decided to analyze the mental health of students focusing only on the major and took as a reference Those in which the largest number of students are enrolled: Psychology, Nursing, Economics, Arts, Law, Engineering, and Computer Science.

are according to psychology student Those with higher rates in a variety of mental health problems, which explains why the Health Science Complex had such high scores. Thus, they marked high rates of depression (19.4%), panic attacks (17.7%) and anxiety (50.5%).

The data is in line with other work on the profession, which warns of the discomfort it may cause to many of those practicing it. Most, moreover, in silence. This was confirmed by another study published in Journal of Clinical Psychology and that, according to a study of nearly 700 psychologists in the United Kingdom, it was found two-thirds of the participants had experienced had experienced mental health problems, plus many confessed What? they usually didn’t ask for help Because of the embarrassment and negative consequences he felt this could have for his career.

However, in the new study, that appears to be changing. psychology students were also groups more aware of the need to go to professionals To deal with their problems, something that has not been reflected in other careers such as law or economics.

drugs and alcohol

This point is relevant because, well, students in these two majors stood out in other types of mental health disorders that are related to substance use. meanwhile he alcohol abuse The main problem with the career of Correct (16.1%), drug abuse it was for Economic (15,3%).

This is not the first time that law students have come to the fore as a risk group in this case. One work published in 2020 BMC highlighted that they were the ones with the lowest mental well-being, as well high rate of suicide attempts throughout his life.

This last data is, in fact, replicated in the new study. Although psychology students are the ones with the highest accumulation of mental health problems, law students suffer from suicidal thoughts with 25.8%.

loss student of arts They are also not free from these problems. What’s more, they follow the law closely suicidal thoughts, with 20.3%. They are also more likely to have problems with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (34.9%) and bipolar disorder (8.3%).

Briefly, a large investigation with a sample of approximately 65,000 participants reported in 2015 that students of humanities, art and Design Mental health problems are significantly more likely to occur, while those who study engineering develop these problems less frequently, something that continues to be the case with computer science students, based on the results of a new study.

Caste or Person?

With these data on the table and given that the findings remain stable when compared to previous work, the authors of the research believe it will be necessary address these issues before they cause major problems in adulthood.

It is true that there are already works underway that try to mitigate this reality. For example, it has been reported that drug abuse problems among students may be due to Tension There should be an investigation into the course and whether students are subjected to pressure.

Meanwhile, there are other lines that suggest that race is not the cause of the problems, but that Attracts people with certain quirks, For example, a study that analyzed the personality traits of students from various majors concluded that psychology students were more prone to neurotic behavior.

“These factors may not only attract people to specific grades, but running can increase your problem“, also suggest the researchers of ulster, who leave it What came first, the chicken or the eggon the table and warned that more research will be done on this topic.

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