From refugee to doctor of medicine: “Black youth can, if they give us a chance”

Umaru Barry came to the United States of America as a little boy full of dreams. His journey was not easy, but after 20 years he became what he had longed for: to become a health professional.

Thus, after much effort, he reached the place where he is now, a Doctorate in Medicine and Doctorate in Philosophy in North American universities. Despite the tough start, Umru is proud to have overcome every hurdle to achieve the long-awaited goal.

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Photo: Umaru Barry.

That’s why she left no stone unturned to celebrate the achievement on her Twitter account, where she joined the challenge that is trending. “How It Started and How It Goes”Referring to how his life was before and how it has changed over time.

“20 years ago, April 2002, I came to the United States as a refugee with a dollar and a dream. Now in July 2022 I received my PhD, after completing my MD and studying medicine, my community and the world. To contribute to. Umaru Barry, Dr.

doctor refugee
Photo: Twitter @UmaruBarrie.

This story is very inspiring, as her case shows other people in similar circumstances that it is possible to move on and fulfill dreams that seem distant or nearly impossible. Due to the war in this African region, Umaru had to leave his native country when he was a child. He was recently able to return home for a visit.

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“I can’t believe I’m back home. You see, I was born here in Sierra Leone, but as soon as I was born a deadly civil war broke out and our family fled the country. Decades later, I’m here to build relationships with healthcare institutions to serve again one day!”

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Photo: Umaru Barry.

“Black youth can do anything, given the chance.”

Source: UPSOCL.

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