From Rexach's magical board to Xavi not feeling valued

From Rexach's magical board to Xavi not feeling valued

Christmas 2001. TV3 intends to bring together the coaches barca this espanyol, Carles Rexach and Paco Flores, Mr. Parakeet attends the appointment. Rexach declined the invitation to ‘Gol a Gol’s Christmas special because he believed he would not feel comfortable on a channel where he receives many criticisms. A few days earlier, Charly himself had fueled controversy by criticizing the technical analysis of Barça matches that Pichichi Alonso was doing at the time. His famous phrase was that “the magic slate did not help Pichichi to save Espanyol and Figueres.”

The reality has also hit the Perico estate, Alt Emporda and the TV3 sports editorial office. ‘Gol-e-Gol’ has been on air for 40 years. coach of barca, but the touch screen or analog board is still present to analyze matches. It’s cyclical to see former footballers turning into coaches who can’t stand that former footballers with lesser CVs than them have become commentators and give them lessons on how the team was supposed to function.

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Now that BarçaTV no longer exists, and Barcelona fans only have the television option of ‘Goal a Goal’ on 3Cat, xavi hernandez It has been found that behind the magic blackboard Gerard Autette, Joffrey Mateu, Gerard Lopez, Jonathan Soriano And the company examines the ills of the game and the team. For fans that is the key to interpretation, for coaches it is usually insulting, cruel, where nothing is ever valued positively. This may surprise the coach coming from outside. To Javi Not so much.


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