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Fruit mixed with cinnamon that allows you to lose 5 kilos in a week, releases cholesterol and prevents diabetes.

When it comes to dieting, the first thing to remember is that extreme plans cannot be carried out because they can damage the body and all the weight that is lost quickly turns on us with the dreaded rebound effect that sometimes makes us stop. more than before the plan. Therefore, it is the most important thing I think about the weekly menu balanced with calorie restriction, but varied and with all the necessary nutrients.

If, moreover, we accompany it with exercise 150 minutes of weekly exercise not only will we feel it when we come into balance, but it will also recognize our strength. But it is true that certain foods and infusions can help in this plan, either because they provide fiber and fill you up, because they reduce inflammation, or because they speed up the metabolism. Among the most popular foods in recent years to achieve goals is oatmeal, but also lemon water, tea or ginger infusions.

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But there is food which can be taken raw, as an infusion or a shake, as evilwhich, in addition to having many health benefits, suppresses hunger, cleanses the body, and fat is easily removed.

Apples provide fiber, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients that can help improve health. Easy free radicals, reactive molecules that accumulate as a result of natural processes and environmental pressures. If too many free radicals accumulate in the body, they can cause oxidative stress and cell damage. This cell damage can contribute to various diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.

A high-fat diet causes cardiovascular disease, but it is compensated by incorporating cinnamon.
A high-fat diet causes cardiovascular disease, but it is compensated by incorporating cinnamon. Pixabay

Mental improvement

Evil also has mental benefits. A 2020 study found that consuming fruits and vegetables can have a positive impact on a person’s mental health. Researchers recommend eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables to reap the benefits. A year ago, Canadians Scott Emerson and Nicole Carbert published another study in which they concluded that eating an apple a day reduced the chances of participants experiencing anxiety and stress disorders. Participants also reported an increase in their mental health.

In addition, due to the amount of fiber, the consumption of apples reduces the risk of stroke, coronary disease or heart attack, as indicated by Marc P. McRae in research published in 2017.

Medium apple and weight 169 P. s fiber 4.06 That is about 11 to 14 percent of an adult’s daily fiber needs. If for evil, two are taken and it is done at 8 weeksit is effective in lowering cholesterol levels to a healthy level. According to this research published in the “American Journal of Nutrition”, if the intake is through the juice of this fruit, the result is not so relevant, so the researchers conclude that the über cholesterol lowers the apple.

Even diabetes’s best friend is bad. A 2021 study found that people who included whole fruits, such as apples, in their diet had a thirty percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the next 5 years than those who did not eat fruit. Another 2016 study found that apples can be considered an anti-cancer food because they help reduce the risk of lung, breast and colorectal cancer.

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But in addition to all these health benefits, it is also an excellent partner for weight loss. The high fiber content helps you feel full longer, making you eat less.

2020 Research by Mark Dreher1 and Nikki Ford found that dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables aids weight loss in women. Eating fruits and vegetables can help you slow down your eating and burn fewer calories while still satisfying. In Fuji apples, a study published last year found that they have the potential to lower the level of cellular lipids in 3T3-L1 cells, meaning they have anti-obesity effects.

For this reason, shakes and infusions that contain apple are very suitable when trying to lose weight. In this chapter it is done in a simple way. For this you only need an apple, cinnamon and a tablespoon of water. This fat burning infusion is very easily prepared. You can just cut the apple into pieces – it is important not to remove the skin but wash it well first – put it in a pan with 300 milliliters of water and add a tablespoon of cinnamon. Then cook and bring the mixture to cook for 8 minutes. After he finished; this only remains to be filtered and enjoy it. It is advisable to take the stomach on an empty stomach every day and, according to the special blog of Chef Guti, with more than 300,000 subscribers, it allows you to lose up to 5 kilos of weight in one week.

Cinnamon also plays an important role in the good results of this infusion. Its bioactive compounds can stimulate brain function and prevent Alzheimer’s, improve cognitive function and memory. In addition, it has great thermogenic power. It also takes a tortor, a tortor of life. What does this have to do with it? Because when you are cold, the body must try to equalize the temperature and thus burn more calories. In three words: speed up metabolism. Cinnamon also prevents diabetes, strengthens the immune system and is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is useful to remember that for any weight loss plan it is advisable to talk to an expert to study our case and plan to eat, set goals and a series of tips that will achieve the desired end and our health don’t look angry.

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