Full Body Routine: Cris Diaz Reveals His 10-5-5 Formula for Tone Your Body and Lose Weight

Full Body Routine: Cris Diaz Reveals His 10-5-5 Formula for Tone Your Body and Lose Weight

We have already talked to you about this on other occasions

Cris Diaz, responsible for the fitness of celebrities such as Blanca Suarez, Laura Ascens and Vicky Martín Berrocal. And we love to see how she slays our favorite celebs, while we’re a little jealous that we’re not there, sweating it out with them.

But even if we can’t travel to their facilities, we can follow their advice.

suitability In our house. Especially because it is easy and affordable.

10-5-5 formula, which he has shown on his social networks so that we all pay attention. It is a combination of

five exercises Very easy and will completely tone your body. keep reading!

What is Cris Diaz’s 10-5-5 formula?

It’s the perfect combination of

Practice, Repetition and Series So you can start having fun on your own and at your own pace, but always still. You do not need to be in any certain physical condition, since it is indicated for all types of people, and what you will surely achieve is to improve and

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tone your body In its complete form.

As she herself says on her Instagram, “The

10-5-5 formula It consists of doing 10 repetitions of 5 exercises, very basic, and 5 blocks of each of them.” In the same publication he tells us what

Practice Consider their basics and how to make them so you can replicate them at home. pay attention!

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1. Sumo Squat

how to do it: Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart and your toes pointing out. Next, bend your knees and bend your torso completely straight forward, bring your buttocks back and join your hands in front of your chest, and go back up.

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2. fund

how to do it: Lie down on the floor with your palms and knees on the ground and your body straight. Bend your elbows and lower your face to the ground and rise again with your arms extended. When you are at the top, alternately bring your right hand to the left shoulder and left hand to the right shoulder and repeat.

3. Plank with anteroposterior translation

how to do it: Come into plank position by placing your forearms and toes on the floor and keeping your entire body straight. From this position, begin to rock back and forth, taking special care not to lose your posture at any point.

4. Glute Bridge

how to do it: Lie face up on the floor, extend your arms to either side of your body with your palms supported and bend your knees until your heels touch the floor. From this position, lift your hips up while tensing your glutes and abs and return to the original position.

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5. Burpees

how to do it: Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Bring your palms to the ground and, practically at the same time, jump to bring your feet back. Bend your arms until your body touches the floor and, with energy, straighten them again, jump your feet to the gap between your arms and jump back to standing. Repeat the exercise fluently.

The first week of the challenge involves completing

10 repetitions Do each exercise and

5 series, Remaining 5 weeks you have to add more

repetitions and load Exercise depending on your physical condition. how many more times? You can start minimal training

three times per week And then add days based on the time you have.


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