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“We will fully support the work of the Convention.”

In his first speech, the President committed himself to the constitutional process.

Gabriel Boric and first lady Irina Karamanos in Cerro Castillo.

“A pardon must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.”

As soon as he took office, the government withdrew 139 complaints against prisoners of “incitement”. Despite initial intent, an amnesty bill for those detained in this context has not advanced in the Senate. Boric has also not used the presidential pardon.

“A new comeback would be a mirage.”

The president changed his position regarding a measure that he had previously approved as a deputy. Aligning government coalitions to reject the pension fund’s fifth withdrawal was not easy.

“I find it desirable that we move towards a coalition.”

The President called for democratic socialism and I acknowledge his dignity for the unity of all parties.

Presidential activity during April. Photo: Mario Tellez.

“We took off with turbulence.”

In the cabinet council, Boric self-criticized about the episodes that marked the first month: Izquia Siches’ failed visit to Temuciqui and also the words of the former minister in Congress, when he assured – wrongly – that the expelled emigrants would With a plane he returned to the country with all his passengers.

“Working while respecting the dignity of the office demands a lot from us.”

in an interview with The Third The head of state deepened his self-criticism.

Presidential activity during May.

“I firmly believe that the state of exception does not solve the problem.”

Upon taking office, the President Rejected measure to deal with violence in southern macrozone And he also assured the CAM’s leader, Hector Lalaitul, that “the government does not pursue ideas or statements.” A few months later—faced with criticism from one of his own—he changed his mind.

The President at a press point in June.

“The work that Irina is doing is exactly what was said in the campaign.”

The president came out in support of his partner after she was criticized for renaming her office to the “Irina Karamanos Cabinet”. The excuse given is that it was a clerical error. The socio-cultural coordinator of La Moneda announced in October that she would be leaving her position.

In July the President received a constitutional resolution.

“If the rejection wins, we will have to prolong the process for another year and a half, where everything will have to be discussed again from the beginning.”

Two months after the referendum, the President decided to take a more active role with regard to the constituent process. The opposition denounced that the government had failed to follow up on the distribution.

President during August, when he accepted the resignation of Minister Jeanette Vega.

“Not only do I see it feasible, I urge them to.”

Boric called on the government coalition to reach an agreement on reforms to the constitutional proposal before the referendum. The last desperate measure before defeat.

“I have decided to accept the resignation of Social Development Minister Jeanette Vega.”

After it was revealed that former minister Vega’s journalist had called Hector Lalaitul, the president was forced to accept his departure. The decision marked a milestone in relation to Boric’s position on violence in the region and the leader of the CAM.

Boric in the cabinet change, on 6 September.

“You have to listen to the voice of the people.”

After a 62% disapproval of the plebiscite, the President made a series of decisions to replace the government.

“It is one of the most difficult moments I have had to face politically.”

After the defeat, Democratic Socialism entered the heart of La Moneda with the arrival of Carolina Toha (PPD) in the interior and Ana Lía Uriarte (PS) in Segpres. The President regrets the departure of Izquia Siches and reinstates Giorgio Jackson in Social Development.

President Borik rehearses Cueca’s steps.

“Extremely proud to be able to represent the men and women of Chile in this important act of subordinating military power to civilized society.”

After the military parade, Boric was criticized for insisting on the subordination of the armed forces. a message on Twitter.

“You can’t go faster than your people.”

The President’s reading also drew some criticism over the defeat of ratification. The president acknowledged that the rejection victory was one of the hardest blows he had to deal with in his first year in office.

President Gabriel Boric sought respect in CONPIME’s activity.

“We’re going to be the dogs in pursuit of crime.”

In the middle of his tour of the North, the President showed a change in tone in the face of the security crisis.

“The outbreak was not an anti-capitalist revolution and it was not a pure crime wave either.”

On a date that was expected to be complicated, the government opted for restraint, restraint and the prevention of possible protests. The balance was positive.

“Today, the main concern of Chilean men and women is fighting crime.”

In the midst of the ConaPyme activity, the President responded to the urging of one of the attendees. “I demand respect,” Boric told her vaguely, calling for security to be put in first.

In November the President cycled to La Moneda.

“We needed to come together. We should review how our performance has been so far.

Faced with continuing tensions between I Approve Dignity and Democratic Socialism, the President called a new convention. Although Boric recognized that the two coalitions would not unite, they agreed to form a government coalition.

“There have been acts of a terroristic nature in this area.”

On his first official visit to the southern macrozone, the president condemned the attacks there and announced the creation of a peace and understanding commission between the Chilean state and the Mapuche people.

“If at some point in the distant future, we are still very young, we are reminded of the Cariola, Jackson, Vallejo, Boric of the current generation, as Aylwin, Frei, Leighton, Tomic, Fuentealba are today without a doubt K is remembered. Doubts that we have accomplished our mission”.

The commented comparison came in the midst of a tribute to a monument to former President Patricio Aylwin in La Moneda.

The President’s December Look.

“I believe that an imperfect agreement is better than no agreement at all.”

The President decided to intervene to speed up negotiations on a new constituent process. In the end, the ruling party relented and agreed to a mixed body between experts and those elected by popular election. Although this was not what he wanted, Borić understood that the situation in his region was not the same as on 11 March, when he came into the government.

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