Gala Caldirola tells the details of a traumatic car accident that damaged her face

Gala Caldirola tells the details of a traumatic car accident that damaged her face - Publimetro Chile

On different occasions, Gala Caldirola recounted the details of the traumatic vehicle accident she experienced with her ex-partner, Alberto Santana, 11 years ago in Spain.

Again, today in the recent edition of the program “Va de mí”, the Hispanic woman revealed more details of that intense experience.

“It was one of the most painful and learning experiences of my life,” explained the former reality girl, who a few months ago returned to her homeland, permanently, after several years of living in Chile.

Regarding this traumatic episode, he added that “one night I had an event, in Badajoz de Extremadura (Spain). That’s where we met Santana. We returned to the hotel at five in the morning. “We were passing by a place on the mountain, without safety bars.”

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Then, as he said, a deer crossed his path. “This is a giant animal that weighs 400 kilos. When it appeared, I had no time to react. We bumped into him. “I still remember the reflection of the lights on the poor animal that died,” he added.

“The car fell into the ravine. I’m not wearing a seat belt. I jumped out of the car. I was lost in the mountain for more than 45 minutes, there was no light. “They can’t find me,” said Mauricio Isla’s ex-wife.

“I remember that some time someone held me and left me next to Santana. I told him: ‘Hold him, he’s not okay,'” the influencer recalled.

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Serious consequences of the accident

In a wider context, Gala explained the serious consequences of the accident. “They had to keep me quiet for a week because, until the swelling in my face was gone, they couldn’t operate on me,” he said.

In the same way, he indicated that the impact broke his arms and damaged his face, because the entire right side of his face was broken.

“They had to do a maxillofacial reconstruction,” Caldirola said.