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Garlic regulates glucose: say experts

It is very important that all people, especially those with diabetic conditions, keep the blood sugar level at a low enough level by the time we get out of bed. For this reason it is very important to take care of our diet and give it some push, choosing supplements and foods that help us control it naturally. For this we have the only ingredient that will help us control glucose: garlic.

Garlic is one of those ingredients that you either love it or hate it for its pungent and very aromatic flavor. If you belong to that second group of people, we will give you a reason to love its potential, because apart from making your food taste great, it never ceases to amaze us with its beneficial potential for our health.

From the outset, you should know that, according to information from the El Nuevo Herald newspaper, one serving of garlic (about 28 grams) contains manganese, which is 23% of the amount recommended to be consumed in a day. It also contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, 1 gram of fiber, and fair amounts of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B1. A true nutrition bomb.

It is not difficult for us to control health conditions at home and in a simple way. We don’t need to fill prescriptions every week, as long as there are periodic reviews and, at the same time, what is eaten and drunk. For this reason, in Directo al Paladar we share these easy and accessible tips to take care of your health.

An example of how to control and reduce glucose in an economical, simple way and from our home is to add a simple ingredient that you definitely always have at home: garlic.

Keep the supply of glucose with garlic, we will tell you how.
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Garlic: Your ideal ally to control glucose

Apart from all this, research published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity has added an important factor and new element to this endless list of benefits of garlic consumption. They found that consuming garlic on an empty stomach daily can help significantly lower glucose levels in people with diabetes.

According to the Control la Diabetes portal, garlic’s contribution to improving the condition of diabetics is due to the fact that it has properties that can stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin. Consuming 600 mg of this spice per day can benefit a diabetic patient in controlling this disorder.

Healthline indicates that there are several ways for people with diabetes to incorporate garlic into meals to balance blood sugar levels. One of them is tough and concise: chew raw garlic; But there is no doubt that its disadvantage is that it can be too strong for our taste buds and nose; So it is better to stir fry it and add it to the food or make it a main ingredient in your dishes.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that consuming garlic alone will not improve people’s health immediately. In this sense, it is important to accompany a responsible consumption within the diet with habits such as exercise and a balanced diet.

Essential Prevention and Follow-up Methods

According to the official statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), about three million people over the age of 18 suffer from type 2 diabetes due to sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and smoking.

Furthermore, the WHO revealed that over time diabetes can damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nervous system. As detailed, adults with diabetes have a two to three times higher risk of suffering a myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

According to information from the specialized portal MedlinePlus, glucose is an important source of energy for most cells of the body. However, since it is a basic carbohydrate base, it can increase blood levels by consuming foods rich in carbohydrates, such as fruits, cereals, breads, pasta and rice.

Monitoring of blood sugar levels is important for identifying potential cases of diabetes as well as tracking those already diagnosed with the disease. This test is usually done on an empty stomach, ie when the person has not eaten the first meal of the day.

MedlinePlus notes that seeing a medical specialist to schedule a blood sugar test is recommended when the following symptoms occur:

  • An increase in the frequency of the urge to urinate.
  • Recent heavy weight gain.
  • blurry vision.
  • Confusion over speaking or changes in behavior.
  • Fainting episodes.
  • Seizures (first time).

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