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Gaviria: “I have to express my discipline, the cycle has changed.”

It has not been easy for Fernando Gaviria in recent years. To go through his life proves that he did not expect. Pandemic, team change, personal matters. However, today he has strong reasons to focus on the strong. Being strong on the bike made him return to the level that made him the best runner in the world.

He had good moments in the UAE Emirates, but he also saw how his level was not the same as before when he won everything in the Quick Step. Something normal in a cycle in which every year there are more riders who want to compete for everything and one incentive to try again.he was already far from retired.

Movistar arrived and the change served not only gave him a new ability to deliver first in the standings, but also to renew his life and the way he runs. The Spaniards took him to the stage of victory, never remembering that he did not have a train to bring him to the finish line. They rely on long, high slams and power. One thing that still holds.

Gaviria is satisfied with what has been done this year, but wants more. It doesn’t match. He won a stage in the Vuelta a San Juan and was next in the UAE Tour, Tirreno Adriatico and the Milan Taurin. He will do several races in Belgium, but his main challenge of the year is the Giro d’Italia. The cyclamen coat keeps you in the country where it has already made history.

The runner talked about his season, the victory in San Juan, his former teammate Maximiliano Richeze, how the packaging is changing and. return to the track where he will train before the Giro d’Italia.

His arrival at the Movistar Team

How do you feel about Movistar?

“Pretty good, happy team, with the whole structure in general and there are things that we still need to improve, but we did well in the process and in this challenge. I would like it to be better for us, but it is a process in which both parties contribute to improve it.”

You had a good start to the season: do you think your arrival at Movistar has renewed you?

“In part, there has been a big change, because there is a team in which it did not have a runner as such, so what is important for both parties is that it helps us. There is a lot to improve and a lot to work on because we don’t want to settle for doing well, but we also want to get victories and it’s a process that took some time, but we were better in many ways. faces”.

Don’t you feel the relief of San Juan’s victory?

“It was the victory we wanted. I wanted to test my legs, the race was quite hard, but I felt the work of the whole team there and I felt that they believed in me because all my teammates gave their all and there was nothing else but to get my all. to win.”

What does Movistar ask for in the package?

“No, what the team asks of me is what I ask of myself, and that’s what I want to win and I’m in my process. The team must be adapted to the sprint, because the courses are different from those in the mountains and on the plains to the benefit of each individual. The team wants the same and we are on the same page”.

Do you think you were hired so that you would never be hired again in the same situation with the possibility of relegation?

“No, I don’t really know about the state of the team because it is something deeper than my personal level. What I would like to contribute to the victories and show us in the spotlight. This team deserves to be in the category, because it has maintained its height over the years and is the team that has had the runners of the world to date, to be worthy of where it is and with the new changes, unity and dedication. we will all be in the same place we were last year.”

Difficult life

Is the worst moment of your life living in a pandemic?

“No, there are problems that can happen to anyone and not all problems are fun. There were external issues and a little bit of everything, but hey, I overcame them and found in this team the motivation and support I needed. I have enjoyed this year much more than when I started.”

Matxin said last year that his grade is superlative, but he needs to be more consistent in training.

“Yeah. I have my training more because cycling has changed. It’s not the cycle I knew, it’s modern, we have to take care throughout the year when it comes to food, training, other than cycling and I’m in that process. This team helps me a lot in that sense he gave and we learn that everything is new and much more professional. One effort I achieve great things and I am happy, but not satisfied.”

Why couldn’t you two meet Maxi Richeze in the UAE?

“I don’t know. We didn’t ride in the same way, because the cycles at that time ran differently, because other teams were stronger, because there are stronger riders, because every year the sprints are more difficult and there are more riders and many things that are on the side. What has changed in cycling . We have to adapt and the team knows it and I’m working on this now in packs”.

Goal of the year: Giro d’Italia

What do you expect at the Giro d’Italia?

“The main goal is to win at the beginning, we are going to prepare for this very well after the race in Belgium. Both the team and we want to do a thorough preparation and the best plan for all the coaches and administrators. Now we just need to carry it out and improve day by day in the aspects in which we were weak and strengthen others and wait for the month that remains to be in the best possible shape”.

What other goals do you have for the year?

“We have now noticed the Giro, working with this thought. Have a good Giro and take victories in Italy, which is the country we love and has given us great joy. That’s how it was said.

modern packaging

What is changing in the way of packaging?

“Each package is different. Every sprint is different every day. We see now that more are closed, almost everything we have seen in the year we have defined the photo finish and it is an important point. Every decision is important in the race. There are many runners who are competing in the sprint, who will get a good position they want and they do the hard thing. Before it was cleaner so to speak, only those who did it, now everything is a little darker. But this is with everyone, it is not something that affects unless one runner and the strongest ever wins. This year we did some good things and we hope that we may go forward and conciliate.

What is your favorite way to pack?

“My favorite way to win a package is because the team wants it. When you win, it really doesn’t matter if you race well or not. I think that your victories are the most important thing.

Is it dangerous to train a professional cyclist on the road?

“There is a risk. I spoke with Molano (Juan Sebastián) about the day of the accident, because he is a cyclist who did a lot, he rides very hard and he is another representative of the sprint. He is a rival, but he is a friend and it is complicated. It is dangerous, but like everything, everything “The job has its risks. There are sometimes drivers who take unnecessary risks like us, which is sometimes our fault. It’s not our fault, but when you leave the house there is a risk.”

Back to the track

What’s your plan for going back to the track?

“It’s a complicated problem, because there are issues that we have to solve and discuss with the Federation, but we’re doing well. I’m training, even before I do something on the Giro on the track. I’ve do
ne several great things and I’ve spoken with the national team about doing more races. In Antioquia, the course on Fridays they are finished both in the race and in the half-distance and this is very important. We need more races to determine the most important parts for those who deserve them, so that they go not only by name or readiness, but also by the strongest”.

And do you see yourself among those who go to the World Cup and the Olympics?

“That’s the end. It’s clear, I followed the World Cup very closely, I couldn’t go to the first two, but we have the Pan-American championship and the World Cup. But things can’t be wrong whether I go or another member goes. Everything must be calculated to the millimeter with the points and the goal is to control Colombia, not as a personal one, but to have Colombia in the Olympics. There is potential, as much as we need, but calmly and with the results of the Federation and the League, in my case of Antioquia, the runners of the National Team will help to be consoled and show us that this is worthy. to be”.

Packaging in Colombian cycling

How is packaging taught in Colombia?

“I don’t know. I’m leaving the argument because I’m not in the Colombian cycle. But surely there are coaches who consider it.

If you were asked to have a policy for packagers, how would you handle it?

“It is complicated, because it depends not only on one person, but universally on the whole country. Colombian fans wanting to see the country and the tough people, so it is difficult because the runners from the wrong do not offer themselves much. That’s what we can’t do either, we’ll have high-level runners no matter where they are.”

Will they meet again with the Columbia Tour?

“Yes indeed. It is a race that gives a lot of spectacle. It gives peace of mind and joy to race at home. Many of my teammates and other teams want to race in Colombia every year and it is difficult for the race fans to come to Europe to see us race and the sacrifice in Colombia cheers the result as if it were the Tour de France. We are passionate and proud of each athlete who represents us.”

Do you think we are far from winning the big trip again?

“I don’t know if we win, but we still have the strongest rider. It’s Martínez, Higuita, Egan, who is an excellent rider, with the Giro y Tour, which is the largest list of honors of his age, and after the accident he got back on his bike, he should be praised and admired. The riders are of stature. It cannot be said that we do not have the ability to win, only that you find stronger riders who make the difference in the time trial and difficult, but the talent is there and will return in the time of victory.”

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