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Genetic bereavement, how to manage the sense of loss when using assisted reproduction

During assisted reproduction treatment, emotion, hope, and the conflicting feelings of loss and failure combine.

The time a couple or a single woman resorts artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization We are the final decision in most cases a difficult process in which it has to be assumed Something is stopping you from getting pregnant naturally,

request for assisted reproduction treatments have increased by 20% in the last year And it is customary to offer fast couples psychological compatibility Since emotional balance is vitally important Don’t skip treatments.

support an egg donor o al another man’s sperm Or even a fetus raises the logical question: Will I be a father or a mother like the others? what will my son look like Will he love me the same when he finds out?

what is genetic conflict

They are situations in which contradictory feelings are combined, feeling, hope and at the same time loss and failure, A complex process that until now had been little studied and made visible.

The process that one or both parents go through when they resort to donation assisted reproduction center has been enrolled genetic conflict,

In addition to this question your parentage or paternity may appear in moments of greater or lesser degree sadness, pain or anxiety, these expressions can come even depression and requires the attention of a mental health professional.

,genetic duality appears, above all, because the patient sometimes experiences it as a decrease in their fertility or as a failure and afraid of the unknown”, explains gynecologist Isabel Wilsa, medical director of Clínicas Eva.

How does infertility affect men?

This grieving process is usually more important for men, They can feel with greater certainty that they have not participated in any phase of the pregnancy process.

,Even if the female resorts to laying eggs, it’s what the baby takes inwithout distinction as to the origin of the genetic material“, Doctor. Wilsa explains.

Therefore, when donors are used, it is important that the intended parents visit a fertility center. well informed and supported ,not only of treatment and stages, but also of psychological consequences what can lead”, emphasizes the gynecologist.

How to Manage the Feelings of Infertility

As with any other grieving process, regardless of its nature person goes through a series of stagesWell known, from rejection of reality to anger, sadness and finally acceptance.

for future motherthe process could be easier. be a surrogate will make one emotional link during pregnancy sharpen this genetic duality,

This grieving process doesn’t have to be problematic either, but just natural. ,Is required emotional pain to mourn the lost (becoming a mother through your genetics) and accepting the new situation (being a mother with another woman’s egg)“, Understand Psychologist Pilar Conde, Technical Director of Clinicas Origen,

How can you help with this genetic quandary?

In any case, the potential for getting better or worse from this grieving process will also depend on the values ​​of each one: concept of masculinity or femininity that one, or concept of family which is inserted in the person and what importance of genetic inheritance,

The need to carry forward our genetic heritage It is not necessarily a binding sentiment. In fact, there are a lot of people who don’t have it, who don’t have need to have children Or that they are just as happy as the adoptive parents.

There are many ways to leave our trail. Parenting isn’t just genetics. love educationTransmitting values, as of greater or greater importance.

as well, genes can be changed Without changing DNA. Other factors affecting these genes are: climate, lifestyle, education. This external genetic variation is called epigenetics, Explaining its importance to parents can help them to relativize the weight of genetic inheritance.

fundamental value of pregnancy

epigenetics is especially important during pregnancy, The expectant mother has a fundamental role as she controls the reading of the new baby’s genome. it is that baby’s genetic information This changes during the months of gestation. So even if she doesn’t have her own egg, the baby looks like a surrogate.

This is information that can help with the grief process, In any case, as psychologist Conde observes, “It is still difficult to recognize that it has become necessary foreign genetic material To complete the process of becoming a parent, There is no need to be ashamed of it, rather consider it as a feature of your personality. it’s a topic little visible And it should be studied more deeply.

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