George Russell goes into detail with Mercedes’ issues

After the Amelia Romagna Grand Prix, it looks like Mercedes is having its worst weekend yet. Despite a fourth-place finish, George Russell is satisfied with the Silver Arrows’ place, while teammate Lewis Hamilton is in 13th.

A brilliant performance from George Russell at Imola saw the Mercedes driver jump from 11th to fourth on the grid at the end of the race. It was another display of Britain’s talent, but no matter how well he drives, issues with the Mercedes car will always hold him back.

“We have to be pleased with the fact that we’re getting the best results week in and week out. Whether we’re getting the best out of the car is a different story.” russell spoke sky After the fall of the tricolor flag.

Russell takes a deep dive into Mercedes’ issues

After a stage in Bahrain and Australia, Mercedes’ performance seems extremely shaky, either clear from midfield, or stuck at the back of the pack. Russell’s teammate, Lewis Hamilton, suffered a loss during the Grand Prix, eventually finishing 14th.

“We have these overall limits with bounce and we know that but equally we are struggling with the tire warm-up. It has been the coldest race weekend so far this year and it has been a bit of a trend. We made progress in Bahrain but slowed down in qualifying.” Britt explained.

“I think it’s because Bahrain was the hottest and roughest. So, no problem with the tires overheating, then we went to Jeddah, it was still hot but the track was smooth and Melbourne was a bit cold. It was very cold here and that’s where you see McLaren, Alpines, Haas coming in there but struggling in the race. We need to find a better compromise, we had a strong result but we are very low on the grid Were starting out.”

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