German shepherd stuck 25 feet up in California tree

Dog stuck in a tree

Cats are rescued from trees all the time. Dogs – not so much.

Luna, a 70-pound German shepherd, found herself stuck in a pine tree in Lotus, California, earlier this week.

His owner, Brian Spies, told a local television station that he became concerned when his nine-month-old puppy did not return home after playing outside on Sunday morning. He and a friend spent hours searching for Luna with no luck.

“We’ve been looking for him all day, driving around the mountain and calling him,” Spies told KCRA-TV. “We are worried that he is injured. He was out all night because of the cold, so we searched until dark.”

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Because Lotus is a mountain community with predators like cougars, bears and coyotes, they fear the worst.

The next morning, one of Spies’ friends, Luka Bogdanovich, drove to the area and luckily found Luna – 25 feet up in a pine tree. Spies, who worked in construction, brought a 24-foot ladder and climbed the tree to rescue his dog.

Dog Stuck In A Tree“I kind of reached out, grabbed him, and hugged him and walked up the stairs with no hands, as carefully as possible,” Spies told the TV station.

He thought Luna must have chased a squirrel up the tree, angled just enough to make an agile dog climb.

‘(She probably) realized, ‘I made a big mistake,'” he said, adding that he believed Luna had “learned her lesson” from the incident.

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