GH VIP: Laura Bozzo broke off her friendship with Carmen Alcayde after her brother’s nomination

GH VIP: Laura Bozzo broke off her friendship with Carmen Alcayde after her brother's nomination

This is a classic that, in ‘Family night’ it can be those payroll on behalf of the contestants. But it’s also a classic it does controversy. They usually have more information than the participants and their own strategies. On this occasion, a schism between Laura Bozzo and Carmen Alcayde.

Family nominations

Carmen Alcayde’s brother was nominated for Laura Bozzo

Pedro, Carmen’s brother, nominated Laura with a point “for pure STRATEGY“(is the reason she gives). In addition, the fact that Carmen said that her brother told her that the Peruvian spoke to her badly, is the last touch of Laura’s anger who is ready to break her relationship with his great ally in the team. orange.

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Laura Bozzo’s anger at the nomination

As we see through GH VIP minutes’ behind the migratory There is a lot of fuss about this topic. Laura complained, because she thought she was nominated by Pedro’s point. Carmen tried to make light of the matter by saying that she was also nominated for her brother’s nomination. Pilar but he didn’t get angry

But no one changed Laura’s mind: “Of course, because she said I treated you badly,” Laura complained to Carmen. He regrets that his brother nominated his friend: “” My brother He bothered me. Knows what Laura”… and he knows that the strategy that Pedro refers to is the myth of this reality show: the 50%.

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Carmen and Laura are friends again Mitele

Naomi It is considered that this strategy angered Laura, while Carmen continued: “For Laura, I died. “It was a disaster for my sister. in public, but the presenter saw no reason: “From now on I will not say anything bad to you. “I will speak to you with education and respect,” he said rudely.

Raquel Arias and Makoke came out to defend Laura Bozzo

Carmen and Laura’s reunion

Within minutes, Carmen and Laura hatred, because Laura doesn’t want to know anything about her friend. But the Alcayde managed to get the Reconcile downplayed his brother’s comment. Laura ends up giving up and regrets the “destructive strategy” adopted by the family members.

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