“Give back what’s due”: Mayor Hassler calls out Congressman Romero for overtime pay | National


Regarding the appointment of a minister who will seek to return Congressman Agustín Romero the $11 million in overtime paid by the Municipality of Santiago, Mayor Irací Hassler called on him to “return what is due.”

Justice appointed a minister of jurisdiction to collect compensation for irregular overtime received by the Republican representative. Agustin Romero when he worked as the legal head of Municipality of Santiago.

the Santiago Court of Appeals appointed María Loreto Gutiérrez for this task, as reported by Intergencia. He wants Romero to return more than $11 million that he received under the administration of RN Felipe Alessandri.

The municipality, under the current administration of Irací Hassler (PC), civilly sued three former officials from the order of Alessandri, to return millions of pesos paid as overtime and that was declared unreasonable by the Comptroller’s Office.

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In addition, the organization was found inconsistencies and amendments in attendance records.

In this lawsuit, they are also in the crosshairs Juan Francisco Garcia Mac-Vicar, former municipal administrator; and José Ignacio Labbé Alessandri’s former chief of staff, with $13 million and $11 million in debt, respectively.

In addition, from the city hall, they said that Romero was summoned in August, but in the end he did not regularize the debt.

The Republican deputy Agustín Romero indicated that he would make his defenses in the competent judicial and administrative instances, but insisted that he did not receive unjustified payments. even, accused of threatening through the municipality.

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“Give back what’s due”

Through the social network X (formerly Twitter), Hassler noted that “no one is above the law. It is sad that a representative of the Republic has to be sued to return the money he got for overtime that was not done. Dear by @agustinromerole, We ask you to lead by example and give back what is not yours.”.

The representative of the Communist Party, Alejandra Placencia, pointed out that in the end misuse of public resources found, and using his position for his own benefit. In addition, he concluded that Deputy Romero must return this $11 million because it is not his, but the treasury of the municipality.

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Judge María Loreto Gutiérrez operation has begun and in the following days the processing of the case will begin.

Among the steps to follow, first it is necessary that Deputy Romero pay off your debt voluntarily and thus the trial ended. However, if you refuse this return, it can be declared an asset forfeiture for a number similar to debt.

Added to this factor is the investigation by the North Central Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating Romero for crimes in fraud and falsification of public instruments after the complaint filed by Hassler in 2021.