Given the fare increase: this is the new monthly amount that must be met to have free and unlimited trips

Given the fare increase: this is the new monthly amount that must be met to have free and unlimited trips

A few days ago, a panel of public transport experts had announced an increase in ticket prices in the metropolitan area.

The fare change will apply to the Santiago metro, buses and Train Nos-Estación Central, thus adding $20 pesos to the cost after the last update of $10 in August last year.

That change was announced last Friday and went into effect at midnight on Sunday, February 4. Thus, the measure was applied to all of the verifier’s charges, including schoolchildren, adults and senior citizens.

Apparently, the amendment affects a benefit implemented as early as September 2023, allowing people to get free and unlimited trips based on a certain spend using QR codes as a payment method.

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What is the new amount of free travel on public transport?

If previously travelers had to reach a threshold of $38 thousand to receive the monthly incentive, now this figure has also been updated and will mean reaching $39 thousand pesos.

All the fares of metro, bus and train are as follows:

Ticket Type, Final Fare

tarifa buses adult $730
Metro fare during peak hours $830
Metro fares during off-peak hours $750
Metro fares during off hours $670
peak train fare $830
valley train fare $750
train fare reduced $670
School (middle and higher education) $240
School (Basic Education) $0
integrated senior adult rate $360
Rate Adult Senior Metro $240
maximum monthly rate $39,000
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According to the Directorate of Metropolitan Public Transportation (DTPM), the increase is based on the need to maintain the transportation system.

In that sense, the factors that influence the rate index were taken into account when taking into account the price of oil and energy in general. This includes, for example, diesel buses and those buses that are electric and have increased their presence in the fleet.


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