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Global elites lock in a new socialist vision: Green New Deal


The reconfigured global elite is forming around a new vision that will change our world. They called their new socialism and multilateral vision the Green New Deal.

Joe Biden’s White House team was a core participant in this vision, as they sought to reshape the original New Deal of Roosevelt in the 1930s into the contemporary 21st century Democratic platform.

But there are other important participants who are promoting this new socialist dream.

One of them is the large and well-organized green lobby in the European Union. The other is Klaus Schwab (an economist and founder of the World Economic Forum), who used Davos to advance his vision of a “big reset” of the global economy.

Those who join the Green New Deal are usually advocates of state interventionism, big government, and multilateral globalism. But surprisingly, this new elite is a mixture of left-wing liberals, socialists, Greens, bureaucrats, and university researchers/experts. Even more surprising is that some business elites have also boarded what they think will be a gravy train.

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BlackRock logo on the building in New York on July 16, 2018. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

It seems that business is driven by two factors. First, they are afraid of pressure to defend their rights. Second, their marketing department told them that they can get huge public relations honors when they sign the popular left-leaning narrative of saving victims, saving the planet, and staying away from greedy and indifferent capitalists.

So now we wake up the enterprise Green their brand Coupled with learning to profit from the new socialist strategy of the Green New Deal, which is to dismantle our old infrastructure and replace them with new ones, this is a huge price for taxpayers. Who knew that socialism could be profitable.

But one of the most fascinating features of this trend is how fascinated traditional media reporters are with the green narrative supporting this emerging global elite.

Journalists who usually ask questions about self-interest, distorted narratives, and obvious propaganda now docilely accept fashionable narratives.In fact, journalists are now being told to apply balanced journalism principles It’s a bad thing when reporting on climate change and other issues.

Instead, reporters were taught that Just advocate Green climate change information.We even have reporters from global media like the BBC who mentor them unbalanced About climate change.

In the atmosphere where green activism is now normalizing in the newsroom of the media, it is not surprising that we see reporters treating green experts As a media darling, Therefore, these green experts are no longer challenged by investigating journalistic issues.

Instead, what has emerged is a de facto partnership between the media, climate change scientists, and activists, in which journalists begin to Build a pro-green (similar propaganda) story.

Biden is interviewed by reporters
Biden is interviewed by reporters
US President Joe Biden traveled to the UK to attend the G7 summit on June 9, 2021, and talked with reporters before boarding Air Force One. (Kevin Lamarck/Reuters)

One way to explain this partnership is to see it as part of the emerging global elite phenomenon, for whom left-wing “progressiveism” has become a secularized religion based on saving the many kinds of victims we obviously have today. superior.

These victims may be the poor people traditionally loved by socialists. They may also become the new beloved victims of identity politics-LGBTQI, indigenous or ethnic minorities. Or the beloved victim of feminists-women persecuted by patriarchy. Or the victims can now even be non-human beings-whales, polar bears, coral reefs, nature or the earth.

What binds all these victims together is that they need to be rescued by self-selected elites combined with left-wing liberalism and neo-Marxist narrative elements.

These elites first appeared in the United States and then spread to other parts of the Western world. And now, like a virus, it is also spreading to the European Union (EU) and other places.

It is an elite who has been proven to be extremely vulnerable to the green virus. It is worth noting that tremendous progress has been made in capturing Western universities, global media, education systems, and many bureaucracies throughout the Anglo world and the European Union.

As a result, the alliance between left-wing liberals and progressive politicians continues to grow. Scholars; journalists; and bureaucrats.

Once the university is occupied by this progressive left, the university is used to teach a new “method of observation” and “a new way of talking about the world.”

Duke University Campus
Duke University Campus
In this archive photo taken in 2006, students pass under the arch of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. (Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

As a result, universities have become a source of so-called “wake-ups” and green narratives; while the media and the Internet are used to spread their stories. In addition, as universities produce more of these progressive and green “experts,” journalists rely on them to justify their work—thus forming a continuous cycle.

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Importantly, because universities teach journalism, public relations, and marketing, the communications industry is full of wake-up discourses beloved by global elites.

Not surprisingly, the spread of progressivism in the communications industry means that progressives are getting better at spreading their own ideologies, while at the same time suppressing opposing views.

In fact, the left was so successful that much of the world in the Biden era began to feel a bit like the hard-line authoritarianism of George Orwell in 1984 and the soft authoritarianism of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”的mix.

The surge in discussions surrounding the Green New Deal and the expanding medical autocratic powers to issue orders on COVID-19 show that the global elite is successfully promoting only their own views while weakening the views of everyone else.

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Universities have also given birth to “experts” who believe that secular science can solve all problems, thereby eliminating the need for religion or traditional knowledge.

In the logic of the Green New Deal, this elite is like a green pioneer. They also claim to have the knowledge and insight to save all “victims of capitalism.”

Epoch Times Photos
Epoch Times Photos
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) greets the crowd at a rally at Howard University in Washington, DC, May 13, 2019. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

At a deeper level, the German existentialist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche saw the beginning of this decay when Western thinkers “killed God” in the 19th century, and developed today’s secularism from this wrong turn. Social engineer.

But at the institutional level, I think American conservative philosopher Paul Gottfried is correct. The problem is that today’s over-interventional government implements social treatment measures on its citizens.

His thesis is that this began in the post-World War II period in the United States—especially the Paul Lazarsfeld Bureau of Applied Social Research at Columbia University from the 1940s to 1950s—and the social engineering leadership of the U.S. government in the 1960s. Development policies (for example, the New Immigration Act for Affirmative Action).

Today, we see the modern manifestation of this long-term trend in the state-run welfare system, the Green New Deal, and the COVID-19 medical autocracy.

It is worth noting that Lazarsfeld’s behavioral science is based on the “authoritarian personality” concept of the Frankfurt School of Neo-Marxism—a personality type that obeys and obeys authority—and that experts should learn to better manage and control The concept of population. Use psychology, behavioral science, public opinion research, public relations, and spin doctor). In turn, this can help prevent the re-emergence of “bad ideas” such as nationalism or traditionalism.

Lazarsfield founded the American tradition of academic thought, that is, how to use the media to promote “good” (progressive) ideas and shut down “bad” ideas.

Lazarsfeld’s center hired many members of the Frankfurt School, thus opening the door to the integration of left-wing liberalism and neo-Marxism, which further promoted the growth of progressive elites.

After Bi came to power, these elites now have a good foundation to spread their preferred ideological narratives, including the virtues of big government, green activism, and multilateral interventionism, in order to save the so-called “victims.”

Because the 2000 anti-Trump movement helped to consolidate alliances between left-leaning politicians, activists, mainstream free media reporters, American tech giants; and the university sector, we can now expect to see the intensified dissemination of “progressive” narratives and At the same time, an attempt to shut down the discourse is aimed at shutting down and destroying the narrative that leftists like to hate.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Eric Lou

Eric Louw is a retired professor of political communication with a career spanning universities in South Africa and Australia. Prior to this, he was a former activist, journalist and media trainer for the African National Congress, where he worked on South Africa’s transition to the post-apartheid era. Louw is an expert in affirmative action, wealth redistribution, and black economic empowerment policies. His Ph.D. was in the study of Marxism, and later neo-Marxist theorists (Granci, Lukács, Althusser, Frankfurt School, etc.) and cultural Marxism. He is the author of nine books covering the rise, fall, and legacy of apartheid; the roots of American peace; and the media and political process.


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Global elites lock in a new socialist vision: Green New Deal
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