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Godsend: An insult that opened a door for a comedy, kilos of dry ice and a lot of camaraderie that became a hit

heaven gift was a brilliant comedy that aired in 1991 on Channel 9 from Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM. With an average rating of around 40 points, Alejandro Romé was the name behind the success: it was “El Jar” who had the idea of ​​telling. The gentle tale in which a boy manages to see and talk to his recently deceased father, who insists on accompanying him, gives him advice and, through him, saves his family,

Directed by Hugo Moser and in the books by Alberto Alejandro, Miguel ngel Vega, Andrés Caliendo and Gerardo Galvan, the series stars Pablo Alarcón, Germán Krauss, Patricia Palmer, Arthur Bonin, Deborah Warren, Cecilia Dopazzo, Emiliano Cazca, Maria Pia Galliano, Juan Ignacio. acted. Machado, Maria Fiorentino, Ral Rossi, Maria Concepción Caesar, Maurice Jouvet and debutant Pedro Aragona as Diego, the boy who had his own “angel” at home.

According to the plot, Antonio Saldivar (Alarcón) was a successful textile businessman who worked with his father (Jouvet). Married and a father of three children, the man suffered a mysterious accident when the car he was traveling in had brake problems, and died. When he arrives in heaven he makes a pact with God, which allows him to return to earth as an angel, but the only person who can see him is his younger son Diego (Aragona). Antonio wants to be closer to the family and find out how this strange accident happened. He is constantly watched by the angel Gaspar (Rossi), who oversees the mischief and mischief he becomes involved in. Meanwhile, Saldivar’s widow (Palmer) takes over the company, helped by her in-laws and another employee who, while dealing with the hidden intentions of Fernando (Bonin), falls in love with Pablo (Cross). falls in. To maintain control of the company.

“It was a very solid cast, all the lead actors and guy that was great, although I don’t know if he had an actor’s vocation: He liked football and wanted to be an athlete,” he says. Country Paul Alarcon. “The special effects part was very naive, as it was about an angel who came to take care of his son and didn’t want his widow and her friend to be together, so he accomplished the impossible from across the grave. For example, when they were about to kiss, he would drop a vase or a cup of coffee on the heartthrob’s pants to interrupt them. Several threads of different colors were sewn into my suit and depending on the background of the scene, the object that was about to move was tied with one of those threads. The public saw that I agitated with my hand and dropped the object. it was very elementary but no one said anything”, he recalls amidst laughter.

“When we recorded scenes with the other angel in heaven, he also used chroma, which is the green cloth in the background. The smoking machine didn’t exist yet and so he bought dry ice which he placed in a huge 200 liter drum with hot water. An impressive smoke erupted and the atmosphere was overwhelming to record in; Sometimes we had to leave the studio because it was too humid”, says the actor.

Patricia Palmer also recalls the special way she did the special effects: “We worked ten or twelve hours a day until the chapter ended because we recorded a day. If they went over eight hours, they gave you extra work.” Paid, but you had to make them work. Those were very long hours because the special effects were created at a time when there were no computers. Everything was done with chroma and it took a long time. It was wonderful because we were all fascinated. We were at the forefront of special effects, because Romey was always in everything,

With so many hours to share, the actors forged a strong friendship. “The memory that I have is the union of the artists. It was beautiful, with a lot of sharing”, recalls Maria Pia Galliano. ; The word was very present. Very different from today, because the virtual did not exist and the result was more matched to the human. It was not better, it was different. I was a girl and I got Pablo Alarcón and Maria Fiorentino from that place loved to enjoy the ones that I have the most in mind while traveling heaven gift,

Promo for Channel 9 series Gift from Heaven
Promo for Channel 9 series Gift from Heavenvideo record

Cecilia Dopazzo also stresses the relationship with her partners: “It was a year that I had a lot of fun with and I think we all had a great time, the people had good vibes, the actors were beautiful. It was a delight. Hugo Moser Jr. was a director and a man with a sense of humor who created a light and fun atmosphere, which was appreciated”.

“I was taking my first steps on television and into acting, and as young people they sent us little ones to pay for a flat fee because we had a lot of outsiders in the morning, and in the afternoon we went to the studio; We worked all day, but we were happy”, continued the actress who played Palmer’s daughter Claudia and Alarcon in fiction. “Pancho Fuentebuena was the outside producer and we drove him crazy because maybe we were going to eat And he was looking for us desperately. Of course, we didn’t have the burden and responsibility to deliver the material on time. He was patient with us and at the same time we turned against him. The same Susannah Rudney, who was the executive producer. It was an event that was attended by people of all ages and appreciated, each taking their place.

Palmer, Bonin and Cross in a scene from the comedy
Palmer, Bonin and Cross in a scene from the comedyvideo record

Dopazzo does not hesitate to recall some of the actors with whom he had to share scenes and waiting moments between recordings: “I remember Maurice Jovet as grandfather, a charming person, very nice, and Maria Fiorentino always With a great humor and good vibes with us. And the characters of Alarcon, Bonin and Cross, who competed with Patricia Palmer, with lots of funny scenes; the adults were supposed to have great chemistry. And Deborah Warren a very With a funny character. I remember many snacks with Deborah and Patricia talking about things in life and I loved listening to them. I have the best memories and people too, because it’s still so relevant today: I receive tons of messages commenting on the series on Instagram. It was for the family and represented all generations,

Alarcon also highlighted his relationship with some of his colleagues: “Everything was very pleasant, the actors were very friendly, very lovely people, including Maurice Jouvet, my former father-in-law. And the Germans were still a great friend. It is, as was Arturo Bonin. All the good people, all the talented.” And Palmer says: “The team was beautiful, we became like brothers because we spent a lot of time there. And we were amazed by the success we got.”

Alarcón has a separate paragraph for Pedro Aragona, the boy who played her son: “The parents were extras on Channel 9 and before that there was a sort of stable cast waiting for a producer. That’s what they needed in a show. It was a divine marriage that went to all Channel 9 contests, and when they found out they were looking for a boy, they brought their son, who was cute, nice Romay fell in love with the boy. He had a great clinical eye, the gift of doing things that produced results. As soon as he saw him, he realized he was a hero, he accompanied him to his office I ate dinner and walked away with the baby in his hand and said ‘Here we have the hero of the series’. And it was a very good choice.”

German Cross, Patricia Palmer, Pedro Aragona, Arturo Bonin and Pablo Alarcón with Mirtha Legrand
German Cross, Patricia Palmer, Pedro Aragona, Arturo Bonin and Pablo Alarcón with Mirtha Legrand

Pedro Aragona was only 8 years old, but he cherishes some memories: “I found out they were looking for a boy for an event and I told my dad I wanted to go. It came from inside me, it was not like my parents dragged me. Of the 2,500 boys who arrived, 50 stopped. He did a personal interview with those 50 and then another casting took place. I remember during the audition I made a mistake in the lyrics of the song and hit the couch, and it caught the attention of the producers. I sucked and hit, and they told me to do it again. He told me that I had arranged for another interview with two other applicants, but when I reached the channel it was only me.,

“The times were crazy, when I went with my father to and from the canal, he welcomed me from car to car. I experienced it more enthusiastically while doing theater at the Children’s Republic: I went to the local restaurant between performances. Went to dinner and the boys lined up to sign their autographs”, Aragona recalls. “Once I went to Mar del Plata and they went to the sea asking for autographs, and all the paper got wet. Sometimes it was a little tedious and it bothered me, because I was overwhelmed by so many people. But I It was fun,” continues the young man who retired from acting. “There were people in school who hated me and those who supported me, they were my friends and they defended me. But I was not having a bad time. And I I don’t remember anyone on the street criticizing me for creating false hope for a child who had lost his father. When they came with the kids who wanted to meet me, the mothers wept and thanked us. I remember from the program that some kid who had lost his father had the illusion that he would somehow appear to them, and that helped him overcome it.,

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