“Golden Hour” and “Blue Hour”: how to take advantage of it with the V30 Lite


The characteristic of this type of hours is to fill the sky with quality and cool colors, which is perfect for photos with the Aura Light of the V30 Lite. Golden hour occurs when the sun is setting and getting close to the horizon and before dawn. Blue color, on the other hand, occurs just after the golden hour of sunset and before sunrise.

&Quot;Golden Hour&Quot; And &Quot;Blue Hour&Quot;: How To Take Advantage Of It With The V30 Lite
The “Golden Hour” is the time of day that many photographers strive to capture unique images, and they occur at specific times of the day when light intensity is low, causing shadows to grow long and the sun’s rays to illuminate everything. Wraps a warm tone. They are wonderful moments that happen in two moments of the day; At sunrise and sunset, with sunrise and sunset. These hours are known as the “Golden Hour”, which is followed by (or preceded in the case of the morning) the “Blue Hour”, when the sky turns deep blue, for example in which the Sun’s rays hit the sky. It has ceased to be felt.

These magical hours provide us with the warmth and coolness of natural light, which allow us to achieve unique results when captured in images. This is how I live and its V30 Lite is inspired by this time of the day, and thanks to its Aura Light technology, it gives the user the possibility to change the tone of the light, going from cool light to warm light, achieving other results Is. Devices are not able to replicate.

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The V30 Lite’s Aura Light is built with artificial intelligence, which allows the camera to detect ambient light and adjust the Aura Light to warmer or cooler tones as needed, achieving a balance of light.

Tips for Golden Hour Portrait:

&Quot;Golden Hour&Quot; And &Quot;Blue Hour&Quot;: How To Take Advantage Of It With The V30 Lite

Since the light emitted in those last moments before sunset is very soft and warm, it is easy to integrate it artistically into images with just a few tricks.

Help yourself with warm light: The light emitted from golden hour is very soft, making it easier to “control” than other harsh lights. Many times you won’t need more than that precious light to get impressive images, but it doesn’t hurt to have warm light to further highlight the beauty of the moment, which can be provided by the Aura Light of the V30 Lite. Is.

Shadow: Shadow at the end of the day is also characteristic of the golden hour. Since the sun’s position is very horizontal, the light creates long, soft shadows that you can integrate into any of your compositions.

Silhouette: It all depends on exposure, and there is rarely a right or wrong exposure for taking an image. Most of the times it depends on the result you want to achieve.

If you highlight the lighter areas of your image, you can get great images of silhouettes surrounded by the warm colors typical of the golden hour.

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Blue Hour is most commonly used to photograph urban landscapes, as it contrasts the deep blue of the sky with the first artificial lights of the city, making it one of the most photogenic locations to photograph Blue Hour .

Tips for Blue Hour:

&Quot;Golden Hour&Quot; And &Quot;Blue Hour&Quot;: How To Take Advantage Of It With The V30 Lite

The mix of artificial and natural light, different color temperatures and intensities becomes a challenge to capture photos with a smartphone, but the V30 Lite and Aura Lite have its Artificial Intelligence perfect as it automatically adjusts for the best results. It happens. Similarly, it is better to use the camera in manual mode rather than automatic, but the V30 Lite will always help you improve your photography at this time of the day.

White balance: It is ideal to shoot in RAW, which the V30 Lite allows, because this way you will be able to precisely correct the white balance in post-processing. If you don’t use it, you will have to do several tests with the different options available in your camera’s white balance, keeping in mind that options like “shadows”, “cloudy”, or “fluorescent” add warmth. image. Do several tests until you find the option that best suits the results you want, but remember not to set it to Automatic as this will “correct” your image by removing cold tones.

Golden Hour is characterized by a warm color temperature, and so this is the look that will dominate your images. In contrast, in Blue Hour, the light that dominates is cool and blue, just like the integrated aura light in the V30 Lite.

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