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Goodbye to telephone booths and the technology that marked an era

Telephone booths have disappeared after more than a century of existence. They are no longer a universal and essential service under Spanish law and city by city, they have been abolished. Its return represents a farewell to the technology that marked an era.

Antonio Mercero turns a phone booth into the craziest little stage in movie history for a horror movie. cabin It received an Emmy for Best Fiction Program in 1973 and was an indirect symbol of the suffocating reality of Franco’s Spain. Booths and landlines have featured in imaginations all over the planet, and have become a part of every human being’s daily life.

Between 2000 and 2020, a total of 750,000 landline telephone lines were canceled in Spain, while 800 mobile telephone lines were registered every day. Its ending deserves a review of its history.

debut of a gangster film

they are completed in 2022 hundred years of death D Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, the technology that made him rich.

Graham Bell He faced a whole series of lawsuits and accusations in connection with the invention of the telephone by the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci. Although the invention was initially awarded to Alexander Graham Bell, who held it for over a century, it was eventually awarded to Antonio Meucci, who built the first prototype of a telephone in 1854, which he called the teletrophone. His bedroom, where his wife was recuperating, and his office, which was attached, were located in his house.

what graham bell did register patent After the invention of the telephone in 1876, a copy of Meucci’s original telephone plans was allegedly appropriated in a less noble way. The telephone was not described in the said patent, but only mentioned.

Bell began building an empire that lives on to this day based on that patent. The litigation between the two was so onerous that the Bell Telephone Company, a company founded by Graham Bell, came Bribe Meucci advocates dying without the glory of the invention.

It was not until 2002 when the Official Gazette of the United States House of Representatives recognized that it was Antonio Meucci Who invented the telephone in place of Alexander Graham Bell. A late but fair victory.

who do i put her with? introduction of telephony

The telephone in its original idea, as Meusi invented it, connected two intercoms without the possibility of changing interlocutors.

In the mind of all of us, after having seen in many movies, telephone operators, especially women, who were in charge of connecting the cables commutator In the right position that would allow two distinct people located on either side of the line to communicate. The number of lines was limited and telephone operators were in charge of prioritizing some calls and postponing others. A few years passed after the invention of the telephone until the Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España (CTNE) was founded in Spain in 1924.

The first telephone call in Spanish territory was made as early as 1877 cubawhich at the time was still Spanish territory, and was carried between a fire station and its fire chief’s home.

If we stick to the private use of the telephone, the first private telephone line in Spain belonged to the landowner Rodrigo Sánchez Arjona, who obtained some telephones from the Bell Company in 1880 and installed them in his domain in Frégenal de la Sierra (Badajoz). . , communicating two buildings of his estate separated by 8 km.

cable to waves

Bill Gates, the Microsoft tycoon, already predicted in 2007 that the days of the landline as we knew it were numbered. And he was not wrong. A telephone is an electro-acoustic transducer, meaning it converts sound into electrical energy and vice versa. The manner in which the signal travels from sender to receiver varies according to the type of telephony.

In it landlineIn mobile phones, the signal travels through electrical cables and in mobile phones it travels through the air in the form of electromagnetic waves. In fact, we are constantly passing through a multitude of electromagnetic waves that we cannot see. However, it took almost a century after the invention of the telephone for long-distance wireless communication to appear within reach of ordinary citizens. The first wireless call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper, a Motorola company engineer in New York City.

If Mekusi and Bell raised their heads

50 years have passed since that first wireless call was made with the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, the size of a shoe and weighing about a kilogram. Today, mobile phones have replaced and incorporated a large number of devices and applications, such as cameras, video cameras, GPS, radios, video and music players, alarm clocks, compasses, video game machines, etc. In an instant it is possible to video call and connect with someone who is on the opposite side of the planet, send files and messages almost instantly and access any information from almost anywhere in the world via the Internet.

We do not know what the future of technology will bring us, but it is almost certain that the landline telephone will not return to our lives, although it lives on in the memory of many of us and evokes many beautiful memories.

Francisco José Torcal Milla, Full Professor. Department of Applied Physics. Center: Eena. Institute: I3A, University of Zaragoza

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