Google announced zero-day exploit in Chrome, update your browser


The Google Chrome browser is updated now. Plugging in dangerous zero-day exploits so we need to update Chrome as soon as possible, in manual mode.

A zero-day vulnerability is a security hole that is open for a moment, and cybercriminals can use it to introduce malicious code, such as a virus, or spyware, through an exploit.

If it is discovered, those responsible will try to cover it as soon as possible, with a patch or update of the application. This is what happened with Google Chrome.

How to update Chrome to cover the zero-day exploit

As Chrome explains in its blog, the zero-day vulnerability is called CVE-2023-6345 and also collected by Incibe, the National Cybersecurity Institute.

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In the same document, he also confirmed that there is exploitation in other words, a way for cybercriminals to exploit that hole.

To solve this, you need to update Chrome to version 119.0.6045.199 on Linux or Mac, and to 119.0.6045.199/.200 on Windows.


As a rule, the browser updates automatically, but it usually takes a few days after applying the patch. And that is a risk in the case of a zero-day vulnerability. Therefore you have to update manually.

The process is simple. Just enter the three dot menu, it’s the upper right corner of the browser, and access fresh. After the Google Chrome information. There you can see the current version, and it will be updated immediately if there is a new version:

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How To Update Google Chrome

You need to restart the browser to apply the patch. You just need to close it, and open it again. Back inside Chrome information to verify that the version number has been updated.

Zero-day exploits are dangerous. Cybercriminals can steal accounts or introduce Trojans or spyware. Update all Chrome browsers you currently use, on different devices, to close this security hole.