Google brings this password-saving feature to Chrome for iPhone users

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Chrome on iOS gets new features

Chrome on iOS gets new features

Google is bringing more advanced tools to Chrome users on iOS and the latest addition gives them a better way to save passwords.

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  • Last Update:26 June 2022 at 2:46 pm IST
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Google has added a feature to the Chrome browser on iOS that will help users quickly and securely create, store and fill in their passwords in any website or app on their device.

The company also announced a few other features for iPhone and iPad users.

“When it comes to getting things done on your iPhone and iPad, there is no place like Chrome. With the Chrome iOS app, you can save your passwords securely, so there is no need to guess,” said Naseem Sedaghat, Product Manager, Chrome, in a blog post.

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Among the new tools, a feature protects iOS from phishing, malware, and other web-based threats.

If users turn on Advanced Safe Browsing on their iPhone or iPad, Chrome predicts and warns users by sending them information about them to test for Google Safe Browsing whether a web page are dangerous.

The ‘revamped’ home screen feature makes it easier for users to discover new content or start a new search in Chrome for iOS, so users will still be able to find all their recent tabs when they’ve been away for a while .

The company said it will soon launch Chrome Actions on iOS to help users get more done from the Chrome address bar.

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