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Friday, March 5, 2021

Google Duo will not work on these Android devices, even if your phone is not included in the list

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Google’s famous video-conferencing app Google Duo will stop working on some Android devices. According to the latest reports, Google Duo will not work on Unsertified Android devices. This change will especially affect the devices of brands which are not certified by Google Play Services.

9to5 According to Google, some recent Huawei devices may be called Unsertified Android devices as they have not been certified with Google Play Services. The latest update of Google Duo comes with an alert message to users about not being supported by Google on their devices. Many users do not know whether the smartphone they are using is supported by Google or not because it is neither written on the box nor can users know about it in the Settings menu.

Alert message being sent to users

The alert message being sent with the latest update of Google Duo states, “The Duo service on your device will soon stop working because you are using an unsertified device, Duo will soon be able to access your account on this device. Will block. Download your clips and go to history to avoid losing them. ”

Similar to the Google Duo, similar information was given on the Google message that this app will stop working on unauthorized Android devices. Now companies like Motorola, Nokia which use the stock Android UI are definitely certified by Google. Certified devices come with a suite of Google apps that include many services.

The new conditions will be applicable from 31 March 2021 for users of Unsertified Android devices. However, LastDate has not yet been announced for Google Duo.

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