Google has expanded client-side encryption in Gmail for iOS and Android to corporate Workspace accounts

Google has expanded client-side encryption in Gmail for iOS and Android to corporate Workspace accounts

Google announced the expansion of the security function of client-side encryption (CSE) for the Gmail app on iOS and Android mobile devices, to corporate accounts in Workspace.

Client-side encryption offers a Additional layer of protection for data and content included in Gmail emails, because the company cannot access the decryption keys and, therefore, cannot know the data sent. This is because the encryption provided by Google is managed by the client’s browser before the data is sent or stored in the Drive cloud.

Therefore, CSE was implemented in December 2022 in a beta version for administrators and users of Workspace, including Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and Education Standard. After that, in February this year, CSE was added official for the web version of Gmail in the accounts of those Google Workspace customers.

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Now, Google announced that it extending Gmail’s client-side encryption to the app version for iOS and Android devices so users can read and write encrypted emails directly from their mobile device.

As the tech giant highlighted in a statement on its blog, with this implementation, users can “work with your most sensitive data from anywhere”, because they do it from their mobile devices.

In the same way, Google also remembers that Gmail mobile applications “support encrypted mail natively”, and in this sense, it shows that no need to download multiple apps or “navigate to an external portal” to access encrypted messages.

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To use this CSE feature, users must Click the lock icon that appears on the right side of the email subject bar. After that, you need to select the additional encryption option. However, keep in mind that Gmail’s client-side encryption It is not available, at the moment, for users with a standard Google account but only available for corporate Google Workspace accounts.

Also, this is a function that administrators of Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and Education Standard accounts need activated through the CSE administration interface so users have access.

In this framework, you must enter the administration tab and continue the option ‘Security’. After that, you need to click ‘Data access and control’ and at the end of ‘Client-side encryption’. In the end, they should Follow the steps to configure the identity provider.

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