Google is introducing a new API to determine the solar energy potential of your home or business

Google is introducing a new API to determine the solar energy potential of your home or business

The tech giant Google continues to attach great importance to sustainability. One of their goals has always been to combine technology and renewable energy.

Through various PPAs with numerous suppliers around the world, the company is one of the largest buyers of renewable energy worldwide.

But his activities in the world of renewable energy do not end there. They were among the first to offer a solution to see if the roof of your home was optimal for installing self-consumption, back in 2015, when hardly anyone was talking about self-consumption.

It was the SunRoof project that was born in the United States eight years ago. Now the tech giant wanted to go one step further and created API Solar.

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The. The tool uses computational and mapping resources to provide detailed data on the solar potential of the roofs of more than 320 million buildings in 40 countries such as the US, Spain, France or Japan.

Artificial intelligence

To glean these insights, Google trained an AI model to extract 3D information about roof geometry directly from aerial imagery, along with details about trees and the shadows they cast on roofs.

In addition, the Solar API takes into account factors such as historical local weather patterns, energy costs and more to analyze the solar energy potential you can generate in your home and give you as much information as possible.

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This means companies like solar installers can see how much sunlight buildings are getting and what energy savings are possible before they visit the area. This technology, in turn, allows homeowners to install solar panels faster and easier, and to supply sustainable energy to the grid.


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