Google launched .meme domains and they’re embarrassed

Google launched .meme domains and they're embarrassed

Google launched a new top-level domain that allows website creators to include .meme at the end of their URL on Tuesday, and I, for one, am already terrified of the websites that are about to be created. .

Why are all cats so similar to each other and dogs are not?

Internet users can create domains with .meme starting today as part of Google’s early access period, but it will cost you more. The price drops to the base annual rate on December 5, when the domain becomes available to the public. but the domains are already monopolized. Google says “.meme is here to help you lol, spread ideas and express yourself”, but I just have a question: Has anyone asked? I love internet culture and memes as much as the next guy, but seriously, Afraid of disgraceful corporations abusing this top-level domain.

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We all see how big brands like Wendy’s, Taco Bell, or even the Detroit Lions, try to increase their popularity through active social media campaigns on TikTok and X. memes and daring attitudes that make them that feels more personal. While it’s mostly fun, these brands commodify memes and internet culture. The Google meme feels like the next step in that progression.

I am trying to create my personal website using Google’s new top level domain, If you want to create a website on the first day of the early access period, you will have to pay a whopping $12,520 for The price drops every day until December 5th, when it looks like you can pay a more reasonable annual price for a domain name. . However, you may be missing out on the most epic domain names. I didn’t spend $12,000 so feel free to own me and buy

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Some corporations have jumped in and created a few websites, and they’re just as scary as you’d expect. Four out of ten of these are cat websites, including some old favorites like meme.grumpy,, and

One of the websites,, asks you to “stop overpaying for meme media plans” on its homepage and offers services to brands looking to engage with memes. culture. The meme marketing company says it should “don’t force your brand into irrelevant conversations,” but that’s exactly how corporations try to co-opt a meme.

The whole concept of Google memes seems disrespectful to meme culture in general. It doesn’t take into account what memes are: ideas and jokes that have no owner. which originates organically on the internet. One of the websites,, even offers licensing services to own certain memes. Undoubtedly, corporations will be the target audience for this high-level domain with shameless tardeas to commoditize Internet culture.

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