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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Google opposes this condition of Australia, threatens to shut down search engine

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The ongoing dispute between Google and the Australian Government has caught up. Google has threatened to disable its search engine in Australia. Google says that if it was forced to pay money to local publishers for news, it would shut down its search engine in Australia.

Actually the government of Australia wants Google to give money to publishers in exchange for publishing news. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison wants to make a law about it. Reacting to this threat from Google, Scott Morison said that he does not respond to such threats. Google is opposing the Australian Government’s proposal. In front of Australia’s Parliamentary Committee, Google’s Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Mel Silva said that it is ‘impractical’ to pay publishers. Mel Silva has protested against giving money to media companies in exchange for showing a small portion of news in search results.

The Prime Minister of Australia gave this answer

On the threat of disabling Google’s search engine, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison said that he does not pay attention to such things. He said, “Australia sets all the rules that you can do in our country. This decision is taken in our Parliament. Our government does all this work. This is how things go in our country. ”

Facebook also objected

Along with Google, Facebook has also been targeted under this law. However, Facebook has also opposed this law. According to Facebook, if such a law is passed, then it can ban the news posting to Australians.

It is obvious that Google is the world’s largest search engine and pressure is being made from all over the world to pay the company. In Australia, 94 percent of search operations are done through Google. At the same time, France has already applied copyright to its content and Google has to pay for it.

Google threatened the Australian government at a time when the internet giant had already reached a content payment deal with a French news publisher. Peter Lewis, director of the Australia Institute’s Center for Responsible Technology, said that Google’s threat is nothing to those who value the values ​​of democracy.

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