Google Pixel Buds Pro, analysis and opinion

Google Pixel Buds Pro, analysis and opinion

The segment of wireless headphones is one of the hottest in technology today. It seems the semiconductor crisis hasn’t hit this market so hard and every few months we see a few families refurbish.

However, there are brands that are slowly (some annually and others even longer) renewing their high-end families and others who are exploring segments like Google.

And that’s it, after some Pixel Buds that had great integration, especially with their mobiles, and some Pixel Buds A that were a bit more affordable, Google launched some Pixel Buds Pro, which have active noise cancellation. are more expensive – 219 euros – but One of the Best Headphones for Android,

Sections of the Pixel Buds Pro Analysis,

Premium all-around and extreme comfort

As always, we’re going to start talking about design because yes, it’s important in any type of device, but in wireless headphones, I think it becomes an important aspect.

Here, the box is more important than the headphones And Google has replicated the design with a charging box that looks like an egg.

The quality of the plastic I find is excellent, the touch is nice, it has a status LED that shows you when it is charging and the best part is that not only are there strong magnets on the lid, but the material allows the case to have a pant pocket To slide in easily.

It is comfortable to open it with one hand and pick up the headphones, It may sound silly, but there are models out there that are a little hard to pick out (Huawei, I’m looking at you with your freebuds).

Leaving them in correctly when you want to box them will cost you more, as the design is the same in both and the first few times you will be confused, but hey, the magnets guide you quite comfortably.

And the headphones themselves … well, here it depends on each user, but They fit me well and don’t fall off with the big pads (You have two other pairs in the box).

Like I say, it depends a lot on each ear and my partner, for example, three pairs of ears fall with the tips, so… well, that’s something you have to keep in mind (It’s true that he’s very particular about the headphones and other biggies like the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro that fit like a glove).

The design of the headphones is similar to Google’s previous two, in four colors (white, black, lime and salmon) and without the bumps that the previous model had. In my opinion, it is a success.

And the truth is they don’t have much secret. They are smaller, similar to the Samsung Buds Pro, they have three microphones, a proximity sensor to block out content if we remove the headset, and They have IPX4 protectionSo you’ll totally be able to take them to the gym.

By the way, there is IPX2 protection in the box, Splash and something else, wow, but hey, at least it has some degree of protection.

Controls and Connectivity: Perfect touch controls right out of the box

And what has surprised me is that the quality of the Bluetooth connection is excellent. Not only does it have a super wide range, but I haven’t had any cuts or failures to reproduce the music in these two weeks.

I have not always attached my mobile, in fact sometimes it is in the office, which is at one end of the house, while I go to the other rooms and as I say, everything is fine.

It has bluetooth 5.0 and i think the latency is very well controlled, For example, I didn’t notice that the sound and video are inconsistent when watching videos on the Pixel 6a, but when it comes to playing… well, a little yes.

Let’s see, this of course depends on the game, but in Call of Duty Mobile I notice that the sound of the shot comes to me after the muzzle flash. It’s not optimal, but for other types of titles like Genshin Impact or adventure games, you won’t have a problem.

On the other hand, something in which we look like we’re dealing with high-end headphones is under control.

By sliding on one you change the volume, with one touch you pause, with two you pass the song and with three, you go back. They are comfortable, easy and, as I say, they work well.

Mind you, I don’t know if it’s my model or what, but if I swipe right, forward or backward, the volume goes up or down, respectively. However, if I do it to the left, it’s the reverse.

You will not be able to remap controls, but Google lets you decide what happens if you press and hold left or right. Basically it’s choosing between changing the cancellation mode (on, off or transparency) or calling the wizard.

I liked the quality of Transparency Mode even more than Active Cancellation

But hey, although the above is important, if you’ve been reading the Pixel Buds Pro review then it’s up to us to tell you how the sound experience went.

Well, overall, it’s very, very good. The driver is 11mm and is capable of offering good bass, midrange and treble,

I’ve worn it with the equalizer active (it’s the only thing you can customize in sound outside of apps that have their own equalizer) and it amplifies certain frequencies at low volumes. I compared how it feels with and without it… and stuck with the equalizer.

They are, as I say, headphones that have the punch and are great because it sounds incredible that they have that quality in bass for being so small.

You can turn up the volume silently without sound failure and Google has without a doubt hit the keys with the sound adjustments of these headphones.

However, the great novelty of this model is active noise cancellation, and there I have to tell you I didn’t like it as much as I expected,

it’s a cancellation that yes it works you can tell when it comes into play but when i go on the road i still hear the cars at the airport i hear a lot of noise in the background And if they talk to me… well, I listen too, obviously not, but I know they’re talking to me.

This does not happen with other headphones in this category. Then, I’ve taken them by plane and train, which is the most extreme test, and there I must tell you, they reduce engine, wind and rattle noise very well.

What does this tell me? Well, “white” and monotonous noise that is easy to reduce is completely reduced, but more complex, where these categories of light come into play, cost a bit more.

Even then, This is my case and you may not like to isolate yourself completely, so this is somewhat subjective., What I liked, and what I didn’t expect, is that the sound mode I liked the most is the transparency.

And it’s that the microphones, I think, are the best I’ve tried in these types of headphones. Above Sony WF1000XM4, Huawei Freebuds Pro 2 or Apple AirPods Pro.

They are the only ones in which I do not need to close one to interact, I have completely passed airport controls with transparency mode while I am talking to people and in transparency mode I went shopping in all conditions, the sound is perfect.

I usually don’t like to turn on this mode as it is always louder and yes the voices get better but as I say I am a picky eater and I end up taking out an earpiece. This has not happened to me with these Pixel Buds Pro.

And another little thing that I like is that you can connect two devices to it at the same time. This is something you have to turn on in the device settings, but I I’ve enabled them to jump from one to another without re-pairing with the Pixel 6a and iPad Air,

Wireless charging and enough autonomy for a day of travel

In this price range, all squares should be practically round and, in my opinion, a battery is essential in headphones. I’ve been with them for two weeks and the experience has been great, but The most revealing was a recent trip to London,

I left home at 11:00 with my headphones on and boarded an AVE, a commuter train, passed airport controls, and at 14:22 I woke up from the airport cafeteria to eat something before traveling.

In those roughly three and a half hours, with noise cancellation activated, the battery dropped to 79% in the left earphone and 77% on the right, This is an extreme test because of the various noise conditions that had to be suppressed, so very, very good.

Regarding the load, Google states on its website that with 5 minutes of charging in the box, we have an hour of music playback with noise cancellation enabled. In my tests, the left went from 79% to 86% and 77% to 83% in those 5 minutes of charging.

The truth is, I don’t think you’ll run out of battery in quite demanding situations and besides that, the box offers a fast charge. other thing, You can charge the box by both USB-C and wireless charging,

Google enters the Olympus of high-end wireless headphones

Finally, as I mentioned a few lines, I think we’re facing one of the best wireless headphones on the market. already for the price I expected some headphones that I liked, but the truth is that they exceeded my expectations in some classes,

The design is quite convenient, I like the strength of the magnets, the possibility of wireless charging and the sound quality is beyond doubt. However, what I liked the most are the controls and their accuracy, transparency modes, and autonomy.

Pixel Buds Pro are the new headphones from Google with active noise cancellation and great autonomy with fast and wireless charging.

If you have a Pixel, I think those are the headphones you should buy because the integration is perfect and it’s like that duet between an iPhone and AirPods, but if you have Android in general, this one There is also a highly recommended option.

What didn’t I like so much? What Really Was the Great Novelty of This Google Bet, Active noise cancellation. This isn’t bad, as white noise and monotonous noise are suppressed without issue, but there are other competitors in the same price range that shine a little higher in this regard.

But hey, no doubt about it It is to be believed that Google has launched one of the best high-end headphones market and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in the next generation.