Google Pixel Watch 2 is the only watch that can make a revolution

google pixel watch 2

A week ago, Google’s new smartwatch was announced, the Pixel Watch 2. A smartwatch that is ready to attack the market and standing among the leading manufacturers: Samsung and Apple. This new launch is the main candidate to remove the two companies as leaders and will be one of the best smartwatches of the year. To do this, it has a series of unique features, as well as a design that is different from others.

This market has always been completely dominated by Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch, something that is completely logical considering that they boast of indisputable quality. In addition, there is no direct competitor today that can compete head-to-head with them, because there are not many watches with Wear OS like Samsung. However Xiaomi It has also recently presented a new smartwatch that will also fully enter this fight and that we will talk about another time.

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The Google Pixel Watch 2 can be pre-ordered now for a price of 399 euros. This is not a crazy number considering that the Apple Watch Series 9 is sold from 449 euros and the Galaxy Watch6 from 319 euros. So the Google smartwatch is a intermediate option but what is the special feature of the Pixel Watch 2 to be the main candidate to take their throne?

The Pixel Watch 2 promises a unique experience

Let’s review the differentiating aspects of the Google Pixel Watch 2 compared to its main competitors. We are talking about Amazing features which makes it the ideal choice when looking for a new smart watch in the market. Among its specifications the following can be found:

  • Ultra-precise sensors and AI features: The quality of measurement sensors has improved significantly and heart rate, temperature and pressure can be simultaneously monitored using very advanced information. AI works to offer a better accuracy and you will receive instructions based on your habits.
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Google Pixel Watch 2

  • Device backup: One of the most special features of this Google Pixel Watch 2, and that many have overlooked, is that you can create a backup copy so that, if you buy another model in the future, all your information and applications automatically detected.
  • Stress management: This smartwatch is very concerned with detecting signs of stress in the user and has specific functions for it. The Pixel Watch 2 monitors your body responses and let you know if it appears appropriate. In addition, it provides help to calm you down and recommendations in your routine.
  • Safety and emergency functions– SOS or fall detection functions are not new, but this Google watch can also set a timer to share your location with selected contacts over a period of time, as well as your battery percentage and medical information for emergencies.
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Pixel Watch 2

  • Sport at the highest level: Google has partnered with Fitbit to bring a series of exclusive training features to the Pixel Watch 2. It offers access to training guided by experts and relaxation sessions, etc. There are many games to measure and with the purchase you get 6 months of Fitbit premium so you can try it for free.

These features make the new Google Pixel Watch 2 a watch to consider coming soon and that will force Samsung and Apple to strengthen their next Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch. There are some very good years ahead for the advancement of wearables technology. Remember that you can reserve the Pixel Watch 2 from 399 euros.